Microsoft Teams and OneNote Team Up to Power Remote Learning

The education sector is one of the hardest hit by quarantines and the security measures necessary to contain the spread of COVID-19. Thus, Microsoft Teams has emerged as an ideal and necessary solution for this sector, which is having to learn by force how to work with the students from their respective homes.

Microsoft already announced for Teams several news focused on the education sector like the 7 × 7 view and virtual meeting rooms. Now, Microsoft is announcing more features to help this industry find an ideal place in Teams to replace the physical classroom. These news are focused on improving the “emotional connection” between students and teachers.

Teams badges: awards for students and their social skills


The first of these novelties are the “Praise badges” or “awards”. Microsoft suggests that these badges could be used by teachers to “recognize student social skills, grow emotional vocabulary, and recognize achievement of daily goals.”

These badges will be available in more than 230,000 educational institutions and teaching centers They use Teams for remote and mixed learning. The basic badges are already available in the chats and channels of the classes and many others will arrive this month. The default badges included are: Amazing, Courage, Creative, Inclusive, Kind, Leader, Optimism, Problem Solver, Team Player, and Thank You.

Users will be able to create their own badges and even select the image to accompany them. IT administrators will need to control which badges are available to users and will need to enable the corresponding app from the Teams settings page.

Quick emotional controls and OneNote sticker packs

Another feature introduced by the Teams team is an extension that will allow teachers to perform quick emotional checks with students. It is designed to encourage students to reflect and identify how they feel.

Finally, Microsoft has added a number of sticker packs for OneNote and OneNote Classbooks that go in the same direction as the badges we talked about earlier.

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