Microsoft Teams celebrates the arrival of Lists to all users

A little over two weeks ago We inform you that Microsoft Lists would arrive in Microsoft Teams in September. Said and done: Lists is already among us. The new app announced in May during Build 2020 is now available to all Teams users after a gradual launch over the last few weeks that today has come to an end.

Microsoft Lists: the new productivity tool for Teams

Lists will allow Microsoft Teams users to make use of collaborative lists with their colleagues. This function will now appear enabled by default for everyone and we will be able to access it directly from the tabs of each team and channel.

In the video that we attach below you can see a summary of the possibilities offered by Microsoft Lists, among which is included export to excel, the ordering of lists, the filtered out, provide formatting and column editing. In addition, we can pin lists to channel tab and even start conversations on the channel about any item on the list.

Microsoft’s investment in Teams is being overwhelming. The improvements and novelties do not stop reaching the collaborative fashion tool that is being so useful throughout the world due to the pandemic we are experiencing. Hopefully Lists is just one of many features to come.

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