Microsoft to change its past? Windows 11 can finally change the default browser with one click – Qooah

One of the most controversial changes in Windows 11 to us is how different developers’ operating systems work with the browser. When we usually want to change the default browser in Windows 11, the whole process can be cumbersome and annoying. And Microsoft sometimes surprises users without their consent by resetting the settings to cause trouble for the system. After numerous complaints from developers and users, Microsoft has finally fixed one of the most annoying settings in Windows 11, restoring the ability to change the default browser with one click.

Just yesterday Microsoft released a stable version of Windows 11, an optional cumulative update for this version. In addition to numerous bug fixes, this update also brings back improvements to the Settings app from the Dev Channel. After this update of Windows 11, users can set the program part by themselves, and users can happily set the browser program they want to use as the default browser. The operating system no longer requires users to manually change more than a dozen file associations.

How to set Chrome browser as default browser in Windows 11? Let’s take a look at the steps below. First you have to install the Chrome browser. Then open the Settings app (Win + I) and go to Apps > Default Apps. Finally find the Chrome browser in the list of applications and open it. Click the Set Default button. You can set Chrome as the default browser.

Of course, Microsoft is still the original Microsoft, which means that Windows 11 will try to use Edge with other different “recommendations” users. Using the updated Settings app in Windows 11 to change the default browser does not affect specific formats. For example, Edge will remain the default app for opening PDF, SHTML, SVG, FTP, and other web-related files. On top of that, you still need a third-party tweaker to open links in Windows Widgets in browsers other than Microsoft Edge.

What makes us users happy, though, is that Microsoft listened to customer feedback this time around and made changes. This is a step in the right direction. If we want to get the latest improvements and bug fixes for Windows 11, we need to go to Settings > Windows Update and download KB5011563 to see the latest improvements and bug fixes.

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