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News business Microsoft would prepare an event to talk about Bethesda

By March 5 at the latest, the European Commission will deliver its verdict whether or not Microsoft’s takeover of Zenimax Media and Bethesda is validated. In the meantime, the manufacturer of the recent Xbox Series would prepare an event dedicated to its new acquisition.

Selon Jeff Grubb, journalist for the Venture Beat website, Microsoft is said to be putting together a communications plan to present the “future of Bethesda” to the public, and to clarify how it integrates Microsoft. No information as to what form this might take, but Jeff Grubb talks about a dedicated event.

I don’t know if it’s going to be a full Direct-style show, but they’re going to make it known, and they’re going to talk about it at length to explain what it means to everyone, and to talk about the immediate future of the two companies that don’t become that one. (…) Expect this to happen around mid-March.

The European Commission has two options: it can approve the buyout without reservation, or initiate an investigation if the situation appears to be of concern. As a reminder, the takeover was concluded last September for an amount of 7.5 billion dollars. A few days ago, an official document stated that Microsoft would integrate Bethesda and Zenimax into a subsidiary called Vault, created for the occasion. Obviously, this information has not been formalized, it must be taken with pretty little tweezers.

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