Technology Microsoft took up the “brakes” in Windows 10 when...

Microsoft took up the “brakes” in Windows 10 when working with multiple displays with different frequencies


The next major update of Windows 10 (2004) will fix the problem that occurs when working with multiple displays with different refresh rates. This problem tormented many users long before the advent of the “dozen,” namely since the time of Windows Vista.

If you have ever used systems with multiple monitors with different refresh rates, for example, from 60 and 144 Hz, then any movement on the 60 Hz monitor instantly caused “brakes” of the image on the 144 Hz monitor until the moment when the movement stops. Also, a problem can occur when starting games in windowed mode and when streaming at a lower frequency than the older monitor provides.

This is due to the fact that the Work Window Manager (DWM), which composes the screen in Windows, processes two monitors together, and not separately. As a result, the refresh rate of the image on the monitor with a higher frequency is reduced to the speed of the monitor with a lower frequency, which causes micro-delays and frame skipping. This problem is clearly demonstrated in the lower half of the next video.

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In the new version of Windows 10 2004 20H1, which is already available for participants in the preliminary assessment program, moving the window on the second display does not seem to slow down the picture on the faster display (the upper half of the video is higher). It turns out that Microsoft has finally solved a long-standing problem in the DWM system of Windows 10.

It is reported that with more than a three-fold difference in the frequency of monitors, for example, for bundles with 240-Hz screens, “brakes” with the image output speed can still appear. So Microsoft has yet to completely fix this problem, but it cannot but rejoice that the company has recognized the problem and has ceased to shift the blame on suppliers of drivers for video cards.

If you notice an error, select it with the mouse and press CTRL + ENTER.


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