Microsoft wants to remove the password for its users in 2021

Microsoft wants to remove the password for its users in 2021

The American giant believes that “passwords are a burden and present security risks for users”

From 2021, Microsoft intends to remove passwords for all users of its services. The company has estimated for several years that it is “a burden” but also that this system presents “security risks for users and companies of all sizes”, indicates the firm on its blog.

To back up his words, the American giant is based on figures. Microsoft claims that 80% of cyber attacks are due to password mining. Additionally, between 20% and 50% of the company’s computer system support calls are believed to be related to password reset, according to Microsoft Identity division vice president Alex Simons.

So, to replace the traditional password, the company relies on the contribution of several technologies. First of all, there is the Windows Hello biometric device which has been integrated into Windows 10. But Microsoft has also launched new programming interfaces which will allow the administration of FIDO2 security keys, a standard supposed to ensure security. Datas.

In recent months, Microsoft has been pleased to see a sharp increase in the number of users who log into its services without using a password.



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