Microsoft’s Game Pass on Steam? Gabe Newell is hot! News @JVL

“King” Gabe, founding father of Valve and Steam, said he was more than interested in seeing Xbox Game Pass arrive on his platform.

Steam is certainly an essential platform for PC players, at the beginning of 2022, it even compatibilized a record with almost 28 million users connected simultaneously. A largely satisfactory success, on which Gabe Newell does not intend to surf more with any other service, althoughhe would see himself setting up a partnership with an already well-established player, Microsoft.

Soon the Game Pass on Steam?

During an interview, the man indeed declared that if he did not wish to do a subscription service, like le Xbox Game Pass de Microsoft Where Sony’s upcoming Project Spartacus, on the other hand, he would not be against a partnership with the American giant.

I don’t think a service like this is something we’re considering doing ourselves at the moment. But for their customers [à Microsoft]this is clearly a popular option, and we’d be more than happy to work with them to get it up and running on Steam

On-demand video game services are on the rise and are working pretty well for Microsoft, by the way. Enough in any case for the competition to also want to bite off a market share, as Sony or to a lesser extent Netflix seriously thinking about it. The fact that Gabe would see such an external service coming to Steam is not insignificant either.

We could even dream of an even stronger partnership between the two entities with, why not, the arrival of apps like Half Life, Left 4 Dead or Counter Strike in Game Pass PC. For its part, Microsoft has not yet said anything about it, but it wouldn’t be surprising if discussions ended up taking place, if they hadn’t already.

In the meantime, Gabe will provide its Steam catalog to Tesla cars shortly.

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