Microsoft’s latest vulnerabilities all versions of Windows have been recruited!Computer permission was stolen in 20 seconds


Microsoft has reported the latest zero-day vulnerability. This disaster affects all supported versions of Windows and may result in the theft of computer administrator permissions in just a few seconds. According to an investigation by the information security company, the vulnerability seems to have been exploited.

Cisco Talos Information Security TeamLatest blog postsIt was pointed out that Microsoft released the CVE-2021-41379 security update in early November, but there were still information security vulnerabilities. Although the researchers notified the official as soon as possible, the subsequent updates have not yet been fixed. This vulnerability allows an attacker to obtain computer administrator rights through a series of program codes and control the control of the entire device.

It is reported that Microsoft classified this vulnerability as “medium”, with CVSS (vulnerability scoring system, full score 7.5) giving 5.5 and urgency of 4.8. The scope of impact extends to all currently supported Windows systems, including Windows 10, 11 and Server 2022. Foreign media《BleepingComputer》Frankly admitted the problem and said that safety measures will be taken.

Through the public proof of concept published by researcher Abdelhamid Naceri, “BleepingComputer” confirmed that the vulnerability is indeed feasible, and released the video, which can obtain computer administrator permissions in just 20 seconds. Currently, we can only wait for the follow-up fix by Microsoft.

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