Migrant caravan breaks Honduran police fences and crosses into Guatemala

The caravan of thousands of Hondurans that this Friday they left the north of their country with the aim of reaching the United States, they violently broke two police cordons in the El Florido customs point and crossed into Guatemalan territory.

EFE was able to verify that police and migrants were injured in the incident.

One of the Honduran police officers who was in charge of the first checkpoint was wounded in the head with a stone, while, in Guatemalan territory, a woman fainted when the migrants, around 2,000, were face to face with the forces of the order of the neighboring country.

The migrants, who in the last hours of the day had reached the El Florido point, after ruling out going through Agua Caliente, in the department of Ocotepeque, greatly outnumbered the police from the two Honduran checkpoints and, singing the national anthem, crossed to Guatemala.

On the Guatemalan side, the Hondurans reached the first police cordon, which was not armed and asked the migrants to organize themselves.

In addition, they reiterated that to continue on their route they had to register and show proof that they are not infected with Covid-19.

In the second Guatemalan security cordon, EFE was able to verify that its elements do carry weapons, and that on the grounds of the Guatemalan customs point there are tanks in support of the security forces.

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When it was expected that the migrants, men, women and children would reach an agreement to continue the caravan in the early hours of Saturday, a large group, singing the national anthem, faced the first police cordon and in a race did the same with the second and crossed to Guatemalan soil.

During the incident, which lasted a few minutes, stones and sticks were thrown, and several people, including police and migrants, were injured on Honduran soil.

The Honduran authorities have not reported the incident that occurred at around 8:00 p.m. local time (02:00 GMT), a few hours after the migrants arrived in El Florido, after they decided to change their route plan, which in principle it was to leave through Agua Caliente, both bordering Guatemala.

El Florido is located in the department of Copán, eleven kilometers from the Mayan archaeological site of Copán Ruinas, one of the main tourist sites in Honduras.

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The possibility of leaving even in the early hours of Saturday was discussed by the migrants, because it was at night and because many of their companions in the caravan were behind, Honduran José Bardales had told Efe hours before.

Around 9:00 p.m. local time (03:00 GMT), some 300 Honduran immigrants were stationed on the highway, inside their country, in front of the El Florido customs point, perhaps waiting on Saturday to leave on a regular basis.

Efe wanted to know the opinion of several of them, but they preferred not to speak.

The Guatemalan Migration Institute reported this Friday that around 2,000 Honduran migrants are at the border waiting to cross into that country to reach U.S, while local security forces try to block his path.

The agency indicated that the caravan passed the Honduran police checkpoints at the El Florido border point, located in the department of Chiquimula, some 200 kilometers west of the Guatemalan capital.



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