Migros’ trade department in upheaval – the rapid departure of a Migros boss

Beat Zahnd is going into early retirement after four years as head of the trade department. He says he’s done his mission. But its current account is controversial.

Beat Zahnd, the Commerce department shrank. Among other things, he sold the Globus department store group and the Interio furniture chain.

Photo: Remo Neuhaus

On Friday, the Migros Genossenschaftsbund (MGB) surprisingly announced a change in leadership: The previous head of the Commerce Department, Beat Zahnd, is retiring early, according to the MGB. His successor Michel Gruber, 43, comes from internally. Zahnd does not want to talk about his track record at Migros.

Zahnd doesn’t want to talk about his track record at Migros. But in the press release he is satisfied. The 62-year-old is quoted as saying: “Mission accomplished”. And Zahnd’s supervisor, MGB boss Fabrice Zumbrunnen, is also full of praise for the long-time Migros man who previously managed Migros Aare: benefit noticeably in the coming years. “

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