Miguel Ángel ‘Supermán López, best Colombian in Vuelta a Burgos

The fifth and last stage of The Tour of Burgos 2022It was the queen stage. 170 kilometers between Lerma and Lagunas de Neila with four mountain passes: three in the third category and the final with a special category pass.

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The day started with 17 cyclists in the breakaway, while the peloton was being pulled by three teams: Astana, INEOS and UAE. Arriving at the first port, Alto del Majadal, the escape had more than 40 seconds in front of the peloton. The cyclist Rudy Barbier left before completing the port.

The last port of Tour of Burgos 2022 was the ascent to Lagunas de Neila, a special category pass with an average hardness of 6.17%. The first to take it was Carlos Canal; however, he was hunted down by Marco Frigo. By then the platoon was 30 seconds away.

The INEOS team started shooting and caught Frigo and Canal. Several cyclists tried to attack in the middle of the climb, one of them Miguel Ángel López. But he ran out of strength and was hunted down by Carlos Rodríguez, who was leading the platoon.

In the last kilometer, Joao Almeida gained strength from behind, since he was in the relegated group. In the last meters to the finish line, four cyclists remained in the sprint, among them: Sivakov, López, Rodríguez and Almeida.

With 300 meters to go, the Portuguese, Joao Almeida, attacked and took the stage. Followed by Miguel Ángel López and Pavel Sivakov. That third position of the French cyclist managed to consecrate himself as champion of La Vuelta a Burgos 2022.

General ranking

This is how the top 10 of the general classification of La Vuelta a Burgos 2022 ended:

1.      Pavel Sivakov 19:00:23

2. João Almeida + 35”

3. Miguel Angel Lopez + 35”

4. Carlos Rodriguez + 41”

5. Ilan Van Wilder + 42”

6. Ruben Almeida + 47”

7. Jai Hindley + 52”

8. Santiago Buitrago + 1’06”

9. Wilco Kelderman + 1’09”

10.  Kenny Elissonde + 1’18’’

The best Colombian was Santiago Buitrago; however, at the end of the ascent he was unable to keep up with Almeida, López and Sivakov, which meant he was in eighth position. This is how the Colombians were in the general classification:

3. Miguel Angel Lopez + 35”

8. Santiago Buitrago + 1’06 ”

14. Ivan Ramiro Sosa + 1’50”

50. Brandon Rivera + 13’52’’

102. Fernando Gaviria + 49’32”

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