Sport Miguel Herrera said that in America it is required...

Miguel Herrera said that in America it is required to be a champion and not a leader like Cruz Azul


Miguel Herrera He is 52 years old, so several programs aired him to greet him on the anniversary of his birth.

This time the Louse He spoke to Fox Sports and threw several darts at Cruz Azul and León, explaining that in America you do not demand to be a leader, play well or have good results, but instead ask for titles.

“Suddenly three four games won from put you on the moon. The truth that neither so so, nor very very. Today Cruz Azul is first place because of the closure it has had, that’s why it has first place ”, started Miguel Herrera to talk about Machine.

Furthermore, he said that Lion he was considered invincible but was eliminated from the Concachampios and that he is now first because he has only one tournament and for the amount of money they have.

“I continue to insist that they are doing things well. But in this club (America) they ask you for the title and if the title is not given there is annoyance, there is disappointment, there are many things that go through the club “, The Louse differentiated with the other two teams.

Furthermore, the strategist recalled that when The Eagles they lost the final against Monterrey in the Apertura 2019 had played well, despite the error of the goal of Scratched and the uncollected controversial prison, but hinted that no one congratulated him for that.

“But here was the annoyance of: ‘You didn’t win 14 and we want it.’ They demand it of you. This is the DNA of America and he did not refuse that demand. That if you lose a game or a classic ”ended Miguel Herrera to explain that in America titles are required and not being a leader in a part of the championship or having a good game.



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