Miguel Román was caught with illegal gloves before duel with O’Shaquie Foster

To the mexican Miguel Roman an illegal pair of gloves was allegedly seized prior to his fight tonight against O’Saquie Foster within the debut card from the television NBC Sports Network.

Journalist Jonathan Leir had a conversation with the manager of Foster. It was Keith Mills who revealed that in the inspection of clothing and gloves, those of Romanian “They had no filling in the center.”

That is why the California Athletic Commission “discarded those gloves and also the replacement ones.” Miguel Romanian will step into the ring with a pair of gloves Everlast.

Remember that boxers always have two pairs of gloves approved by the commission in charge. In case something happens to those who are seen to be used first hand.

RomanianDespite this setback, he is ready to face Foster in a fight scheduled for a total of 10 rounds that could be perhaps the last chance for the Mexican to dispute a belt and to win, he is closer to another world championship chance.

Bobby Benton, coach of Foster, also tweeted about it.

“I’m not sure whose fault it is, if the gloves Reyes or the team of Romanian, but the gloves they shipped didn’t have any padding. I will not let my fighters fool. The safety of the fighter is what they always proclaim, but it is the last thing they supervise, ”he tweeted Benton.

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