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The galaxy adventure role-playing game “Honkai: Interstellar Railway” represented by NIJIGEN announced that it will start the final round of closed testing on PC, iOS and Android platforms on February 10, 2023. This testing will include new stories, characters and The gameplay leads players to start an epic interstellar adventure.

The global interactive entertainment brand HoYoverse pointed out that the galaxy adventure RPG game “Honkai: Star Railway” will be launched in the near future. Jump testing started on PC, iOS and Android platforms. As a spiritual sequel to the beloved “Honkai” series, “Honkai: Interstellar Railway” tells a magnificent space adventure epic in a new background setting. In addition to showing the core gameplay and storyline of the game, this transition test will also focus on the new characters, world and gameplay.

“Honkai: Interstellar Railway” is a brand new galaxy adventure RPG game, which combines an easy-to-use turn-based combat system, large-scale map exploration and maze puzzle-solving gameplay, bizarre and unique fantasy world adventures, fascinating Many game elements such as different world plots compose a romantic galaxy adventure poem full of surprises, encounters and beautiful scenery for players.


There are beings called “Star Gods” in this galaxy. Legend has it that they are driven by a certain “prime force”, like the incarnation of the laws of the universe, and freely travel between countless “worlds”. In the Milky Way, the world is full of strange features and shapes, and the “star gods” hold different beliefs and follow their own paths. The protagonist who is pregnant with the “star core” by accident boards the “stellar train” together with a group of passengers who claim to have inherited the will to “explore” and embarks on a journey of interstellar shuttles, trying to explore the secrets of the “star god” The dispute brought about by the “Star Core”.

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In this transition test, players will first come to the Black Tower Space Station to learn about the origin of the story—the protagonist of this game is injected with a “star core” and becomes a “pioneer” here! Then board the “Star Train” and come to the first two stations of the interstellar journey in turn – Yaliluo-VI and the fairy boat “Luofu”.



Yalilo-VI is a white planet covered with snow and ice. There are many secrets and crises hidden under the pure white snow waiting for the pioneers to explore and solve. As one of the top known forces in the universe, the Xianzhou Alliance is composed of six giant ships, and the Xianzhou “Luofu” is one of them. The fairy boat “Luo Fu” is the second stop of the pioneer’s vast galaxy journey. You will be able to fully explore this wonderful world full of oriental fantasy elements, shuttle among the bustling cityscape and magnificent buildings, and gain an in-depth understanding of the tension between the major factions. situation.

In addition to fully exploring the world, experiencing the plot, and meeting all kinds of partners, the pioneers can carefully study the combat system of this work during the transition test, form their own team from a large number of controllable characters, and make full use of each character’s attributes and skills. Skills, experience the easy-to-use yet challenging combat system. Among them, Bailu, Yanqing, Qingque and Tingyun are brand new characters that deserve further attention.



This test also implemented many new systems and gameplays for the first time, including online activities, peer missions and taking pictures, providing pioneers with more exciting combat experiences and a journey of discovery full of surprises and a sense of accomplishment.

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