Mikelei from Ataun has won the Once a Day competition

Once a day In the fifth season of the game, more than 84,000 people took part and a total of 4.4 million games were played. Mikelei, from Ataun, who lives in Mondragón, has been the winner of this edition. In addition to the grand prize, the winners of the first and last week received the prizes.

This season, just over 60,000 teams have participated. Guuk, the new telecommunications service operator in the Basque Country and Navarre, has been the main contributor to the season and, as a result, has awarded numerous prizes; For the winner of the season, he will be staying at the Haitzalde Hotel in Mutriku, having lunch or dinner at the Iribar restaurant, and a basket of Errigora with food from the south of Navarre. He has also been an assistant for the first and last week of the season and has gifted a mobile phone to the winners, as well as a raffle for a second among all the players from those weeks.

The fifth season of the game has lasted twelve weeks and the people in charge of the game are happy with the reception it has received. Mikel Lizarralde from CodeSyntax mentioned that “we are very happy with the results. Every week, 60,000 Basques continue to play Once a Day, and it gives us the strength to move forward. ”

The new telecommunications service operators in the Basque Country and Navarre, as well as the successful mobile games developed by Eibar-based CodeSyntax, share the same values. That’s why the company wanted to take part in the fifth season of the game.

Once a Day is a trivial question and answer game that was launched in March 2019 by the Eibar-based company CodeSyntax. Each player must answer ten questions each day as quickly as possible. It has been a huge success since its inception, and while the shutdown caused by the coronavirus crisis lasted, it peaked: about 80,000 people played the day’s games. About 40,000 teams have been created in the game, and of the 100,000 people who have ever signed up, 30,000 have been team creators or managers.


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