Milan Fashion Week attracts the most influential bloggers

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Hawa: Milan Fashion Week has succeeded in attracting celebrities and the most beautiful women who have the most influence in the world of fashion. These beautiful women participated either through their presence in the front rows of the shows, or through their participation as models in the Elisabetta Franchi show.

Who sat in the front rows?

Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s name is the most famous. She came especially to the Prada show in a neon yellow dress, wrapped in a long black leather coat and big black dark glasses.

One of the most prominent attendees of the Prada show was Chiara Ferragni, who did not miss a show, draped in a white Fendi fur coat, and distinguished herself with a short leather jacket and a lemon yellow asymmetric skirt at the Prada show.

كيارا فيرانيي Chiara Ferragni

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Who attended the Dolce & Gabbana show?

Dima Al-Assadi

Iraqi influencer Dima Al Asadi attended the Dolce & Gabbana show, wearing a black leather mini skirt with a white shirt. She wore a beige coat and high heels in beige denim. She wore black glasses and carried a beige and black bag.

Who attended the Versace show?

Maram Zubaydah

The influencer, Maram Zubaydah, participated in the Versace show, wearing an outfit emblazoned with the house’s logo in pink and black, and she coordinated with it a puffed jacket, and she wore the famous “Medusa” shoes, signed by the Italian house.

Who participated in the Italian shows?

Italy offers
Lady Fozaza Lady Fozaza

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Influencer and designer Al-Anoud Bader, known as “Lady Fozaza”, participated in the Elisabetta Franchi House show, and she appeared on the stage, radiant in a burgundy embroidered dress, featuring a puffed-up cut and a vintage feel.
At the same show, Zainab El Helou stunned in a long, metallic bodycon dress featuring a bold figure seven cut. She had a wavy hairstyle, typical of Hollywood stars in the fifties.

Zainab El Helou
Zainab El Helou shines on the stage


Influencer and designer Karen Wazen Bekhaazi also wore a green and white printed bodycon dress at the Etro show.

Working balance

TikTok star Charli Damelio also attended the Prada show, wearing a bright orange sweater over a yellow shirt with a yellow skirt, and covering her eyes with black and white-rimmed glasses.

Charli Damelio

Note: All photos are from the Instagram accounts of the stars

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