Milan prohibits smoking within 10 meters of other people

Starting next January 1 in Milan will be No smoking at bus and tram stops, in cemeteries, parks, stadiums and sports facilities if there is not at least 10 meters away with respect to other people. It was decided this Thursday by the City Council of the economic capital of Italy with the aim of reducing pollution in this city with habitual pollution problems due to its great industrialization and population density.

The ordinance, which provides for total ban on lighting a cigarette in public and outdoor areas since early 2025It also affects business. As of January 1, 2022, there will be an obligation to maintain the closed doors in shops and businesses to prevent cool or hot air from escaping inside, be it summer or winter, and get so not wasting energy. In addition, street vendors are not allowed to use diesel electric generators, while bakeries and pizzerias that have Wood-fired ovens may only use wood with the minimum level of humidity, which is less polluting.

The regulations approved in Milan include a measure whose entry into force is immediate: the prohibition of the use of barbecues and fireworks between October and March. They will only be allowed, therefore, in spring and summer. Marco Granelli, councilor for the Lombard capital city council, considered that these restrictions represent “a very important step” in the protection of public health. “They have a double objective: to help reduce the polluting particles for the lungs and protect the health of citizens from active and passive smoke in public places frequented by minors,” the municipality explained in a note.

The mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala, advances his initial plans with this ordinance, as he had promised to ban outdoor smoking before the end of 2030. This city in the north of the country thus takes another step in the banishment of tobacco from public spaces , as are other large cities. Naples and Verona already prevented cigarette lighting in 2007 in public parks, being the first European populations to apply the Brussels recommendations in this regard.

Italy in January 2003 banned the use of tobacco in closed places with public access, such as bars, restaurants and cafes. It was a law that was respected from the first moment, to the surprise of the Italians themselves. In 2013 the regulations were extended to the surroundings of educational centers and, in 2016, to hospitals. During the current legislature, work began on a bill to prevent the use of tobacco in all public spaces, but there is still no date set for its eventual presentation in Parliament. With this new municipal ordinance, Milan is ahead of the Government’s plans.


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