Milan to ban smoking within ten meters of someone outside

From Tuesday 19 January, in certain streets of Milan (Italy), it will be forbidden to light a cigarette within ten meters of another passer-by. On the flip side, scientists have shown that 8 to 10% of Milanese pollution is due to cigarette smoke; hence its upcoming ban on the streets.

With the ten-meter rule, we will no longer be able to smoke at the table“, says a resident. If they upset some, the environmental measures announced are rather supported by the population. Milan is one of the most polluted cities in Europe. One day out of four, the anti-pollution tolerance threshold is exceeded. In places, readings of fine particles are worrying. “Almost 750 mg per cubic meter were found. […] It’s almost 20 times the legal limit“, Explain Anna Gerometta, member of the association “Citizens for the air”. For all those who breathe this polluted air, the consequences can be serious, especially at the respiratory level.

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