Milan vs Inter LIVE: Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s reaction after Romelu Lukaku’s goal at San Siro | Serie A | VIDEO | FOOTBALL-INTERNATIONAL

It was the other ‘derby’ of this Milan vs. Inter for Serie A, Romelu Lukaku Y Zlatan Ibrahimovic they were face to face again after last month’s clash over the Italian Cup. And it was not only the ‘neroazzurro’ team that took the game, but also the Belgian striker, with his tremendous strength and ability to celebrate Antonio Conte.

The attacker scored a great goal that sealed the victory (3-0) of Inter, and immediately the cameras of the transmission of the signal stopped in ‘Ibra’. The Swede, to everyone’s surprise, was resigned, applauding and nodding his head, accepting, already at that point, the defeat of his team and the Belgian’s football skills, which delighted all the spectators who tuned in for the game for the TV.

Lukaku is the new scorer (17) in the Italian League, having one more than Cristiano Ronaldo and three more than Ibrahimovic. Not only in the tournament standings, but Romelu also made differences in the scorers’ ranking.

The preview of Inter Milan vs. AC Milan

Zlatan and Lukaku meet again, after their recent altercation in the Italian Cup match, now in a key derby in the fate of Serie A.

Among the insults exchanged, the Swede was accused above all of referring to the Congolese origins of the Belgian international, evoking voodoo beliefs. Said accusations were totally rejected by ‘Ibra’ and his club.

Inter enter Sunday’s derby one point ahead of Milan, so the top of the tournament is at stake.

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