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The jet flight pack tested by the British army is faster than the speedboat. (Image source: Twitter @RoyalNavy)

2021/05/04 09:51

[Compiled by Chen Chengliang/Comprehensive Report]The British military company Gravity Industries has recently released a video in conjunction with the Royal Navy to show their latest development of gravity jet flight suits. The film simulates a boarding maneuver at sea. A British Royal Marine wears a flying obedience and takes off from a speedboat, quickly chasing and boarding the speedboat ahead, just like a superhero Iron Man (Iron Man). This technology makes the scenes in science fiction movies a big step towards real life.

The main thrust of this jet flying device is on the back, and there are also 4 small jet engines on hand for assistance and direction adjustment.

The US Naval Institute shared this short video on Twitter. The content of the tweet pointed out that the British Navy has been testing the jet-mounted attack team to determine whether this steel man-like flying suit can be used to quickly dispatch in groups and board ships.

The institute also revealed that the US Special Operations Command is also evaluating a jetpack that can exceed 200 miles (322 kilometers) per hour.

Richard Browning, the founder of Gravity Industries and the inventor of the jet suit, said that the company has met with members of the US Special Operations Command, including SEAL members, to discuss his jetpack in the assault. The capabilities that combat can provide.

China’s helicopter emergency rescue agency, Great Northern Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS), also began testing to test whether the medical and rescue personnel can fly directly to hard-to-reach places with the flying performance of jet suits to support mountaineering distressed persons. .

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