Millionaire that Porsche owner will pay after crashing into wild boars

According to the newspaper La Voz de Galicia, The event occurred last week on a road in the municipality of Rianjo, in Spain, when the owner of the Porsche was returning home from work.

During the trip, the driver was surprised by about 10 wild boars, which he could not avoid. “There was nowhere to get in and I lunged and killed three. One went over the car and the other two went through the sides ”, explained the subject to the same medium.

The impact against the animals, which weighed about 100 kilos each, was very strong and the Porsche was left with a strong dent on the right side. The owner of the vehicle He listed all the damages to the Spanish newspaper: “The defense, the 4 radiators it has, headlights, pilots, side and rear wings….”.

In images shared on social networks you can see how the white sports car turned out, in addition to the wild boars that were left lying on the road.

Fortunately, the man was not injured, but regretted that You must pay between 8,000 and 10,000 euros (between 34 and 42 million Colombian pesos) to repair the damage suffered by your Porsche.

“From the outset you have to pay and then claim the insurance company,” explained the driver, adding that he knows several cases of other people who have suffered similar accidents and who have not been able to collect insurance.

Lastly, La Voz de Galicia assures that the area where the event occurred is known for having an overpopulation of wild boars, which are often seen on the roads and cause different accidents.

Porsche owner will pay millions to fix his car, after crashing 3 wild boars


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