Millions of people were hit by heavy rains in Guangxi, CCTV focused on “Golden Waterfall” bombed | Flood | Detian Waterfall

[Epoch Times News on July 4, 2021](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Li Jing) Recently,GuangxiSuffered seriousrainstormFloodDisasters caused more than one million people in 46 counties to be affected. In order to dig out the “correct public opinion guidance” from natural and man-made disasters, the official media of the Communist Party of China, Guangxi’s “Golden waterfall“It has become the focus of official media.

From the evening of the 27th,GuangxiHeavy rain in parts of northern and central Guangxirainstorm, Local heavy rain. The Guangxi Meteorological Observatory upgraded the blue rainstorm warning to the yellow rainstorm warning. At 11:30 on June 29, the Guangxi Meteorological Bureau upgraded its Level IV emergency response to major meteorological disasters (heavy rain) to Level III emergency response.

The Guangxi Meteorological Observatory predicts that by July 2nd, there will be continuous heavy rain in northern and central Guangxi, accompanied by short-term thunderstorms and other strong convective weather processes. The accumulated rainfall is 100 mm to 200 mm in most areas, and it can reach more than 300 mm in some areas. .

Before July 2nd, there were continuous rainstorms in northern and central Guangxi. The heavy rainfall area overlapped with the previous period, the rainfall lasted for a long time, the accumulated rainfall was large, and the risk of disaster was high.

According to official sources, as of now, the heavy rainFloodThe disaster caused 1.051 million people in 46 counties in 10 cities including Guilin, Liuzhou, and Wuzhou in Guangxi.

Recently, Guangxi suffered severe rainstorms and floods, “Golden waterfallIt became the focus of official media and was criticized by netizens. (Microblog screenshot)

According to a CCTV report, on the morning of July 3, affected by water coming from upstream,Detian WaterfallThe flow of the Guichun River in the upper reaches has increased significantly, and the river water is golden yellow under the sunlight.

According to the report, the Pentium flood descended in three levels from the 70-meter-high cliff. It was majestic and formed the rare “Golden Waterfall”, attracting many tourists to watch it.

However, the Epoch Times reporter found that the “Golden Waterfall” landscape reported by CCTV was not the first time it appeared.

As early as May 30, 2019, China and other official media have been focusing on Guangxi after being hit by heavy rainfall.Detian WaterfallThe scene of “Golden Waterfall” presented.

However, according to related videos on many websites on the mainland, the photos of the “Golden Waterfall” in Guangxi released by the official media were obviously processed by filters and other beauty functions, while the color of the Detian Waterfall in reality is like turbid Yellow River water.

Many netizens have made comments on the focus on the “Golden Waterfall” in Guangxi by the official media such as CCTV.

“It is clear that environmental protection work is not in place and soil erosion is very serious, but when Jing Yang’s mother said it, it was a new word: Golden Waterfall!​”

“It’s all turned into the Yellow River, and the Golden Waterfall?! You use the term so horribly. Someday your tap water pipe will flow out of this kind of water. Don’t complain to the water company! It’s precious and rare to give you golden water! “

“Isn’t it better to use yellow for the filter? Muddy water is muddy water. What is the concept of stealing it, and the golden waterfall? I will try to drink two sips, maybe you will become gilded.”

“Golden Falls! This is the soil erosion caused by felling of trees and plantings. In a few years, you can see the Golden Falls every day and there is no clear flow!”

“Millions of people have been affected by the disaster. How are the local people living? Why does CCTV care about the “Golden Waterfall”? Is it asking the local government to develop tourism to make money?”

“It’s another example, a grief is a happy event!”

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