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Atlético Nacional fell 1-3 against Millonarios by the last date of the all-against-all phase in League II-2021, despite the fact that the purslanes took the lead starting the first half, it was the capital’s team to make a difference with goals from Daniel Giraldo and a double from Jáder Valencia in the complementary stage.

With tempers heated, the game started with a strong leg and approaches in both areas. At minute 3, Steven Vega and David Silva were booked.

At minute 7, a deep pass to Dorlan Pabón, who from the center of the area was going to finish, but was knocked down by Andrés Román meters from the referee Carlos Betancur who did not hesitate to sanction the penalty, a minute later, the affected changed the foul for the first goal of the game, with a dry shot to the post from Esteban Ruiz’s right hand.

After the goal, Millonarios went looking for the equalizer until at minute 15 after a rebound in the area, Daniel Giraldo tied the game with a mid-distance shot that Aldair Quintana could not stop.

The game was still hot, with strong innings on both teams. At minute 23, Millonarios added two more reprimands in the game: Esteban Ruiz and Daniel Giraldo, while in Nacional Jarlan Barrera, Aldair Quintana and Bryan Rovira were already yellow.

Although the game decreased in intensity, Millonarios was the team that arrived with more clarity on the opposing goal, at minute 42, David Silva in a great pumped shot, crashed the ball against the horizontal, saving a National who had difficulty being fluid in his play.

In the complementary stage, the visit started better and at minute 2, Daniel Ruiz had the second, but his shot was deflected. At minute 9, Jáder Valencia with a head blow put Millonarios in front on the scoreboard, the Albiazul attacker took advantage of an oversight by Aldair Quintana who came out to cut a previous cross and left his goal exposed.

At minute 14 and after a bad rejection by Quintana, Valencia scored the third for Millonarios, the second on his personal account, confirming on the scoreboard, the good moment that the visiting team had so far in the game.

After the goals of his rival, Nacional went out to look for the opposite goal. Alejandro Restrepo made three variations in the defensive zone; Sebastián Gómez, Jímer Fory and Cristian Castro Devenish left, and Alex Castro, Juan David Cabal and Nelson Palacio entered.

While Nacional tried to attack by all possible means, Millonarios withdrew and intelligently contained the attacks from the premises. As the minutes passed, the visit was dedicated to refreshing their payroll and filming players from the bank. The purslanes, for their part, couldn’t find a way to be precise and every time Aldair Quintana touched the ball, he was whistled.

At the end, the impatience of the locals led to arguments and shoving with the opponents.

With this result, Millonarios took second place in the standings with 36 points and will be the head of group B. Nacional planted 42 points as leader and head of group A.

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano
FUTBOLRED correspondent
En Twitter: @juanchoserran8


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