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In the midst of a lot of casualties due to calls to the Colombian National Team and extensive injuries, Millonarios visits a needy Deportivo Pereira this Saturday at the Hernán Ramírez Villegas.

The duel will take place starting at 6:05 pm and will have the implementation of the VAR.

As mentioned above, the ambassador set will have several casualties. Felipe Román and Andrés Llinás, both defenders, were not cited for their call for the Playoffs duels in September.

On the other hand, Omar Bertel, Christian Vargas and Diego Abadía continue in their recovery process. Likewise, Emerson Rivaldo Rodríguez is already training with the group, but he still needs to get ready for football; and Juan Camilo García was not taken into account.

The news in the call comes mainly from the defensive back: the returns of Elvis Perlaza (he completed the sanction date) and Breiner Paz stand out. As for the attack, the youthful Yuber Quiñones again entered the list.

With the above on the table and as mentioned by Alberto Gamero at a press conference, the defense will have a total renovation. Juan Pablo Vargas would be the only regular, taking into account that Felipe Banguero just returned the previous date, Breiner Paz did not even play in the preseason and Andrés Murillo is usually a substitute.

The most recent duel between ambassadors and matecañas took place on February 7 at the El Campín stadium. That day, Gamero’s men won 3-2 with scores from Fredy Guarín, Fernando Uribe and Cristian Arango, while Cristian Florez and Andrés Llinás played their own goal against the visitor.

As for the last game in ‘La Perla del Otún’, it is necessary to go back until November 10, 2020. On that occasion, the capital blue was again imposed. It was a 0-2 victory, goals from ‘Chicho’ and Ricardo Márquez.

Precisely since his promotion in 2020, Pereira has lost all three of his games with Millos. The two already mentioned and the third in December of that same year, a match valid for the Copa Sudamericana playoff, due to the minimum difference in Bogotá with a goal from Juan Camilo Salazar.

Probable alignment

Millionaires: Juan Moreno; Felipe Banguero, Juan Pablo Vargas, Andrés Murillo, Elvis Perlaza; Daniel Giraldo, Stiven Vega, Daniel Ruíz, Harrison Mojica, Mackalister Silva; Fernando Uribe.
Coach: Alberto Gamero.

Stadium: Hernán Ramírez Villegas.
Hour: 6:05 p.m.

Referee: Luis Matorel.
This match will be attended by the VAR.


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