Mimi Jamal on her retirement from art: I loved sitting at home and my grandchildren all my life

The artist, Mimi Jamal, spoke about the scenes of the play “Al-Dalou’a”, which she co-starred with the late artist Mary Mounib, and Mimi Jamal said, during her hosting with the media, Lamis Al-Hadidi, on the “A Last Word” program broadcast on On: In the room, she said to me, “Is there, I was going to the show, and I have ivies to throw in the hall, and you are going to break my ovals when I’m talking on the stage. Don’t you want to go to an old man?” great friendship.”

Mimi Jamal added: “I left acting after the movie “Wrap and Turn” by the star Ahmed Helmy, and I sat for a while thinking to return, not return, return to the movie theater. I do not do anything with them, and I am working and behind a photograph.”

The artist, Mimi Jamal, presented more than 490 works of art between drama and cinema, the most prominent of which was in the cinema “stronger than love, some go to the authorized twice, something of love, winding and rotation, and in the drama “Welcome to the population, a resident of my heart, sciatica kid, esoteric, family.” Al-Hajj Metwally”, in addition to her participation in a number of plays, including “the play Namra 2 Yissb, the play Al-Abit, the thief most important, the origin and the five, and Al-Qashash.”


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