“Ming Pao” Overseas Education Information Day Education Consultant: Many families consider family immigration to allow their children to study abroad early (14:34)-20210307-Hong Kong News-Real Time News

The event attracted more than 100 people to participate this morning. The parent who participated in the event, Mr. Zhou, said that Hong Kong’s education policy will have many changes such as the reform of general education. He is worried that his daughter who is studying in Form 3 will be affected, so he plans to send her to a foreign school. Depart from Hong Kong before entering university. Mr. Zhou believes that the government does not want college students to participate in or comment on politics, and this goes against the responsibility of college students to care about society. “Even if Hong Kong students do well in the exam, studying in Hong Kong will restrict their thoughts and freedom.”

Mr. Xu, who graduated from the history department of a local university the previous year, also participated in the event. He said that the economic and political prospects of Hong Kong are uncertain. He hopes to study one more degree overseas. He also hopes to develop abroad while “opening his eyes”, so he will choose the course. Consider subjects that will help you stay local. He also said that some friends around him are also planning to study or work abroad.

Aston Education senior education consultant Chen Jitong said that many parents are considering sending their children to study abroad due to issues such as Hong Kong’s prospects and politics. Some parents also “drive away” and don’t mind their children being transferred to foreign classes or attending undesirable schools. He said that after the introduction of the BNO visa program in the United Kingdom, more families have considered emigrating as a family and allowed their children to study overseas early.

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