MINI Clubman: with all the style of the brand but with space for the whole family

After declaring myself a “fan” of the British firm since my childhood, I must confess that I still like the new generation Minis, but the little ones, the two-door ones, with their pros and cons. So my contact with this “Clubman” version did not begin precisely with a great illusion that without a doubt would have been noticed during the test if it were the Coupé or even Cabrio version. Something positive, because from a more skeptical point of view I must confess that this elongated model, with four doors for passengers and with two rear doors to access the trunk also ended up convincing me and, above all, making me enjoy driving.

The unit tested is a Cooper D Clubman diesel of 150 hp and with 8-speed automatic transmission (from 32,350 euros -price price without discounts or promotions-). An engine that is probably not currently among the favorite of buyers, but has shown that, no matter how hard they try to prove otherwise, these types of mechanics are very efficient, low pollution, and even fun. I refer to the figures to prove it: an average consumption of 5.2 liters at 100, a maximum speed of 212 km / h, 11 grams of CO2 per kilometer (NEDC cycle), and an acceleration from 0 to 100 in 8, 6 seconds And no, for the most unbelievers it is not a noisy or lazy engine, quite the opposite.

Data sheet
150 hp diesel (petrol and diesel range from 102 to 306 hp)
Dimensions (length / width / height in meters):
4.26 / 1.80 / 1.44
Average consumption:
5.2 l / 100 km
from 360 to 1,250 liters
€ 32,350 (Clumban range from € 26,200)
Its driving is agile and smooth and can be mocked to taste by its three types of driving: “Sport“, “Normal” and “Eco”. In the latter, by flattening and raising the foot of the accelerator, the transmission is disconnected, which will result in significant fuel savings, similar to what some Mild Hybrid models do, even if our Mini is not.

In the aesthetic section, despite my initial reluctance, we must recognize the good style work done by the designers for this generation of 2019, since especially the back is elegant and does not remind of a «van», as you could get to think about the model it replaces. It continues to maintain the “class” of the lifelong Minis, and adds a point of practicality that may convince fans of the brand that they do not decide to buy it for reasons of space and practicality.

In the front seats nothing varies with respect to the “normal” Mini. We access an interior that shows that we are facing a high-end compact, with its characteristic dashboard, with a large central clock-screen in which we access the multimedia system and browser, and a speed and revolution indicator clock on the steering wheel in that the reminiscences to the original Mini of the 60s persist, although in this case completely digitalized. On the steering wheel, we find a screen that reflects the most important indications, such as the GPS navigator, speed and traffic signals, so that at no time we have to take our eyes off the road.

The great advantage over the classic 3-door Mini is in the back, since you can access the rear seats with great comfort, and once seated, the greater length of the vehicle leaves enough space for the legs and head. It measures 4.25 meters long, that is, 27 cm longer than a Mini 5-door, and with a wheelbase of 2.67 m that take advantage of the space available for occupants.

In addition, access to the trunk is done through two automatic opening doors, leaving a large smooth surface and with 360 liters of capacity expandable to 1,250 if we fold down the rear seats. A large space of easy access since it is at a comfortable height, and gates and frames will not bother you. Although if something can disturb this type of door is, once closed and from inside, the reduced vision that we will notice through the interior rearview mirror.

In short, it is a very rational option for those who want to be regular drivers of a Mini without suffering the consequences of a small size, and who do not seek to join the fashion of an SUV
. Those who want to access the Clubman range can do so in addition to the 150 hp diesel engine that we have tested, with diesel and gasoline mechanics of 102 to 306 hp, with a starting price of 26,200 euros, although surely in the dealership we fall into the temptation to provide our car with one of the many extras available, so it will not be strange that the final price will shoot us more than we might initially consider. Of course, it should be remembered that it is a Mini. .

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