Mini Vision Urbanaut (2020): futuristic van …

The British manufacturer Mini unveils the Vision Urbanaut, a futuristic van that gives pride of place to the interior space.

At the end of 2020, Mini already think about tomorrow, and even the day after tomorrow. The British manufacturer is indeed presenting the Vision Urbanaut, a digital concept of a futuristic van. A “whole new interpretation of the intelligent use of space”, all with a minimal environmental footprint, says Mini.

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Mini’s Combi

The vehicle is in a way a Volkswagen Combi modern times. An all-round van 4.46 m long, with a clean style, a jovial face and googly eyes. Futuristic concept requires, the vehicle is more shod with transparent and backlit “skateboard” rims which are able to change appearance at will.

Discover Mini’s Vision Urbanaut in video.

When stationary, the Vision Urbanaut literally turns into a lounge

But more than for its design, the Vision Urbanaut is truly worth a detour for its interior space. Once the final destination is reached, it transforms into a real living room.

“The body and interior are transformed to allow the driver to fully enjoy the moment.” Mini ad.

When the car is stationary, the driving position becomes a seating area. The dashboard lowers and turns into a “bench”. During this time, the windshield is raised and allows to arrange what Mini calls “a balcony on the street”.

The rear is not to be outdone since it also gives pride of place to passenger comfort, in particular with a large bench seat overhung by a backlit arch. Not far from there, to add a final touch to the interior design, Mini has also added a small integrated table.

Electric motor and autonomous driving

Mix and match, there are also durable materials, an autonomous driving system and a 100% electric powertrain whose power has not been communicated. Mini also did not specify whether this Vision Urbanaut will one day have the right to a production version. Chick?

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