Minimalists among themselves (nd current)

Still without a win: Branimir Hrgota has scored two of the only five goals in Fürth so far.

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The top game in the Bundesliga is on next Sunday: The record champions Bayern Munich will play at Bayer Leverkusen, who are tied for second place in the table. But it’s not just a look at the top of the league that offers interesting comparisons. The eighth game day divides the league into a two-tier society: With the exception of the Friday game of Eleventh Hoffenheim against Sixth Cologne, the teams in the upper and lower halves of the table stay among themselves when it comes to the fixings.

Especially among the Relegation candidates in the last four places in the table This leads to encounters for which the term “trailblazing” is often taken from the modular system in the industry. This applies to the comparison between SpVgg Greuther Fürth and VfL Bochum on Saturday as well as to that on Sunday between FC Augsburg and Arminia Bielefeld. It is also the quartet with the weakest offensive rows in the league. This applies to the goals scored as well as the opportunities earned and used. Now the minimalists in the squares in Fürth and Augsburg are among themselves – in the hope of at least asserting themselves against their own kind.

It is about “finally scoring points and keeping the connection in the table,” demanded Fürth’s trainer Stefan Leitl and found that one might have to attach more importance to the defensive precisely because of the weakness of the offensive. “Maybe we have to learn how to defend again so that a 1-0 win is enough,” he said. Fürth’s managing director, Rachid Azzouzi, described the meeting with the other climber as “super important”. His colleague Sebastian Schindzielorz from Bochum underlined the importance of the game solely through his soothing choice of words. “It’s not a final, but it’s a very important game,” he said.

VfL has been waiting for a goal for 301 minutes – so for a good five hours or three games and 31 minutes. This is probably also due to the failure of striker Simon Zoller due to a torn cruciate ligament. Fürth, as the weakest team at home, is hoping for their first Bundesliga win in their own stadium in the 21st attempt. According to the motto: If not against the worst away team in the league, then against whom? Fürth and Bochum suitably meet last and penultimate, the fourth from last Augsburg receives the third from last Bielefeld. This basement program is complemented by table neighbors from the game between the 13th Eintracht Frankfurt and the 14th Hertha BSC.

The greatest importance for the relegation battle, however, is attributed to those clashes between Fürth and Bochum as well as Augsburg and Bielefeld: the four teams that were considered the most likely relegation candidates before the start of the season. At the FCA at least one hoped to be able to build on old common success times with the returning coach Markus Weinzierl. But now Augsburg are pulling into the game against Arminia as a team with the worst offensive in the league. Bielefeld, on the other hand, struggle with their inefficiency because they only used 11.5 percent of their 26 scoring chances, which is the worst rate in the league, according to the specialist journal »kicker«. Good approaches are there, but you have to become more precise quickly, said coach Frank Kramer, “nobody in the league waits until we’re ready.”

The FCA also only scored three goals in seven games. Striker Florian Niederlechner scored two goals, but he is out for the time being after an inguinal hernia operation. In addition, Weinzierl’s team has only shot 58 times at the opponent’s goal, 21 of which were counted as chances – the worst values ​​in the Bundesliga. Weinzierl knows what is to be expected now. “You absolutely want to win against Bielefeld at home,” he said, “these are the home games that you should win. If that doesn’t work, the pressure comes automatically. “


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