Mininterior has the last word on plate removal

Two lawyers from Barranquilla filed a right to petition the President of the Republic Iván Duque Márquez, the District Mayor’s Office of Barranquilla and the Government of Atlántico, to remove the plate installed a year ago on the new Pumarejo bridge, given that according to the attorneys , is in breach of regulations.

After the lawyer Marla Gutiérrez, managed to get the Administrative Court of the Atlantic to order the removal of the plate installed at the entrance of the Line Tunnel, inaugurated by President Duque on September 4, because in Article 01 of Decree 2759 of 1997, which prohibits “the placement of plaques or legends or the erection of monuments intended to remember the participation of current officials in the construction of public works, unless so provided by a law of Congress.” Lawyers Roberto Tapia and Fernando Borda, made a right to petition for the bridge plate to be removed.

“We made the request to the president of the republic and he answered us and passed it on to the Ministry of the Interior, they are already responding. They know that if there is already a sentence that ordered it in another case, they also have to remove it, we pass it on to the Government and Mayor’s Office because they also appear ”, said lawyer Tapia in dialogue with EL HERALDO.

In said inaugural plaque appear the names of President Iván Duque Márquez, the Vice President of the Republic, Marta Lucía Ramírez, the Minister of Transportation, Ángela María Orozco, the General Director of Invías, Juan Esteban Gil, the Governor of Atlántico in that year, Eduardo Verano, the Governor of Magdalena in that year, Rosa María Cotes, the mayor of Barranquilla in that year, Alejandro Char, and the mayor of Sitionuevo, José Manuel Gómez.

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Likewise, he explained that in the city there are several plates installed that go against what is established in the aforementioned decree, which is considered as “prevaricato”.

“When you do an act or an administrative act contrary to the law, you are prevaricating knowing that you are doing it. I am giving you the opportunity to remove it without a judge ordering it. We must end the cult of personality, monies that are invested in the plates are money of the citizens, they are not money from the pockets of officials, “he said.

According to the graduates, they found during their investigation, around 25 plaques installed in different works of the city, in which not only names appear but also photos of officials, for which they also made the right to petition the Mayor’s Office and the Governor’s Office. last November 26.

“I have not yet been able to file the lawsuit because I am waiting for the term to expire.”

Finally, he informed that they made a right to petition the Ministry of Finance, to render a report of the cost in production and installation of those installed plates, because “if that is the case, the people who appear on those plates must return that money to citizens, because it is money that should not have been invested in something that is totally contrary to the norm ”.

For its part, the District Legal Secretariat, stated that the right to petition is in process and that it has been communicated to the ADI and the Sports Secretariat, who may have jurisdiction over the object of the request to remove the plates in parks and courts of the city.

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“We are still evaluating it, we must take into account that the decision that has been mentioned in the letter is a decision of first instance that is on appeal in the Council of State. We must look at the particularities of each of the situations, right now we are undergoing evaluation and we are close to preparing a response, “said Adalberto Palacios, Legal Secretary.


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