Minister of Agriculture declares assets for more than 857 million pesos

The Minister of Agriculture, Limber Cruz, reported a net worth of at least RD $ 857,148,747, through his affidavit of assets filed with the Chamber of Accounts.

Among the official’s most expensive assets are his properties, with a farm valued at 272 million 400 thousand pesos, acquired in 1999; Similarly, it has another of these territories valued at 106 million 200 thousand, under its ownership since 2001, and an apartment of 24 million 800 thousand pesos.

As for the money deposited in banks, Limber Cruz detailed in his document that it has the amount of RD $ 11,194,531 divided into seven accounts.

Likewise, Cruz reported three vehicles, the most expensive of all being a Lexus LX 570 SUV for RD $ 7,806,900. It is followed by a Chevrolet Silverado truck for RD $ 4,025,000, and a Chvrolet jeep, valued at RD $ 2,251,500.

Similarly, he reported that he has home furnishings valued at RD $ 2,500,000, and a 9MM Taurus International automatic pistol worth RD $ 280,000.

The minister also has a total of RD $ 286.3 million pesos invested in shares of multiple companies. Similarly, it has 86.8 million pesos in investment certificates.

Regarding expenses, the head of the Ministry of Agriculture presented just over 300,000 pesos destined for this item, with most of this amount dedicated to educational expenses.


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