Minister of Immigration: Providing the purchase of cars from the free zone is an opportunity for Egyptians abroad

Ambassador Suha Gendi met Minister of State for Immigration And the affairs of Egyptians abroad, with the sons of the Egyptian community in Riyadh, at the headquarters of the Egyptian Consulate in Riyadh, in the presence of the Egyptian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Ahmed Farouk, Ambassador Tariq Al-Meligy, Consul General in Riyadh, and Ambassador Amr Abbas, Assistant Minister of Immigration for Communities, and the largest official delegation in one mission for Egyptians abroad, consisting of representatives A number of Egyptian ministries and agencies, where the minister reviewed the ministry’s efforts to solve the problems of Egyptian expatriates abroad, and the continuous coordination with the concerned authorities.

Among the official delegation consisting of a number of ministries and institutions, Ahmed Abu Bakr, deputy head of the Customs Authority, represented the Egyptian Customs Authority, who answered all the inquiries of members of the community about the law granting facilities to Egyptians abroad to import a car for personal use that is completely exempt from customs.

The topic of car customs was discussed extensively, as the meeting witnessed the raising of the largest number of detailed questions related to importing a car exempt from customs, and a number of topics had priority in the questions, including the four months of registering a car application, methods of linking a bank deposit, and the need to save money. 3 months in the bank before transferring it, in addition to an inquiry about the year of manufacture, importing used cars, as well as methods of authentication of residency papers and transfer procedures.

For her part, Ambassador Suha Gendy, Minister of Immigration and Affairs of Egyptians Abroad, affirmed, in her speech and representatives of the largest Egyptian community abroad, her keenness to coordinate with a number of ministries and state institutions to provide more services and incentives to Egyptians abroad, during the coming period, discussing her official meetings. In this regard, the visit came with the participation of representatives of those ministries and national institutions.

The Minister of Immigration confirmed that exempting the cars of Egyptians abroad from customs and fees was a dream for Egyptians abroad for more than 15 years, so we worked to achieve this dream as soon as we assumed responsibility, which has already been achieved, and the Egyptian abroad has the right to import a car that is completely exempt from customs and fees for a fee. A financial deposit that will be refunded after 5 years.

Ambassador Suha Gendi added that during her visit to Saudi Arabia she was keen to accompany a representative of the Egyptian Customs Authority to respond to all inquiries of members of the community related to the law, so that the masses of Egyptians abroad could benefit from this important advantage.

For his part, Ahmed Abu Bakr, deputy head of the Customs Authority, representing the Egyptian Customs Authority, explained the eligibility of the first owner of a 2015-made car to a reduction in the value of customs due on the car. He replied that the Egyptian citizen abroad gets a 5% reduction for each year of manufacture. A previous maximum of 50%, and in the event that the Egyptian abroad is a second owner, he can import a car of 2019 or later.

Regarding the type of car that is not in the tables or the year of manufacture that is not on the registration site, he said that in the event that the car that the Egyptian abroad wants to import does not exist in the list of cars on the registration site, the Egyptian abroad can make an addition by choosing the “Add a new car” window on The site allows the registration of unregistered types, as well as the year of manufacture as long as it is the first owner.

Regarding the short period available for car registration, and the registration of the deposit that is in the bank 3 months before it, while the law ends the registration period within 4 months, the minister made it clear that she represents the interest of Egyptians abroad with complete bias in all meetings, but we all take into account the supreme interest of the state and all ministries, whether preventing the withdrawal of funds From the inside or trading in cars instead of achieving the benefit of the citizen abroad, and she continued that offering the possibility of buying from the free zone is an opportunity to bring cars to Egyptians abroad, as long as he resides abroad with the same privileges.

In response to a question about the existence of the customs value from an account inside Egypt, one of the main conditions in the law is that you personally, or your husband / wife or father / mother (in the case of children and spouses), have a bank account in the country of residence that has been opened for three months since The lowest, through which the due cash amount is transferred, in order not to withdraw money from within.

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