Minister Pannier-Runacher in Hambach for the symbolic handover of the Smart factory

The Minister for Industry, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, came this Thursday in Moselle to the Smart site in Hambach for a symbolic ceremony of handover of the plant between the seller, the German Daimler-Mercedes, and the British buyer Inéos. The Minister insisted on the vigilance of the State for the “sustainability of jobs“. The Smart site was officially bought in December by Ineos, who wants to get into car manufacturing. Until now, the company has specialized in petrochemicals.

The factory had to close and we fought to find a solution

The factory had to close and we fought to find a solution“, explains Agnès Pannier-Runacher. The minister assures us that the arrival of the British Inéos is”a long-term perspective that reassures us“. A steering committee will be set up to monitor the proper implementation of the new industrial plan.

Presentation of the 4×4 Grenadier prototype

This Thursday in Hambach, Inéos also presented the prototype of the 4×4 grenadier which will be built in Moselle. 1,300 people, or almost all of the site’s jobs, will be transferred to Ineos. According to the Minister, 90 million euros have been provisioned in case the production volumes “would not be there“, due to the degraded economic context induced by the health crisis. Inéos’ vehicle should be marketed in early 2022.

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