Minister Paris: “We are very concerned about the increase in infections in Los Ríos, Aysén, La Araucanía and Maule” | National

The Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, expressed his concern about the rise in new infections of covid-19 that 4 regions of the country have shown in recent days, specifically those of Los Ríos, Aysén, La Araucanía and Maule.

Indeed, according to the latest figures, Los Ríos presented 47 new cases in the last 24 hours; Aysén presented 10; La Araucanía 86 and Maule 183 new cases.

In the specific case of Aysén, the region where the pandemic had been kept under greater control in the country, the undersecretary Paula Daza assured that there is an outbreak in the commune of Coyhaique, where a work of traceability of the infections with active search has already been carried out, isolating all the close contacts of the people confirmed as positive.

From the La Moneda palace, through the periodic spokespersons made by the portfolio authorities, the case of the region of Magallanes which, although the rise it had suffered in recent weeks became less intense, is still considered worrying.

Regions reduce confirmed infections, but their communes maintain high active cases

On the contrary, Paris congratulated the regions of the Bío Bío, Coquimbo, Antofagasta, Metropolitana, Arica and Parinacota, Valparaíso and Los Lagos, for reducing the number of confirmed cases weekly.

This last information, however, It contradicts the one delivered yesterday by the DEIS epidemiological report, which points to the communes of Punta Arenas (1,164), Puente Alto (581), Concepción (518) and Valparaíso (492) as the ones with the highest active cases.

In the same way, it was noted that this Sunday the barrier of 2,000 confirmed daily infections was surpassed again. In this regard, Paris recalled that the increase in the number of examinations carried out results in a greater number of confirmations, but indicated that this is not a sign of tranquility.

“We have never said that we have defeated the pandemic. We are not going to deny reality: we are very worried “, he asserted.

The following are the daily data reported by the Ministry of Health:


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