Ministry of Culture justifies irregularities in its fiscal year 2019

The Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF) published today in its Individual Report of the Result of the Superior Audit of the Public Account, that the Ministry of Culture committed various irregularities in fiscal year 2019 in areas such as Community Culture, contracting services, unauthorized payments of 2018 debts, and last-minute transfer for the National Reconstruction Program, which resulted in the beneficiary states not being able to execute the resource.

In response, the agency justified that the health crisis by Covid-19 It meant a “major challenge” to deliver the documentation.

“The health contingency due to Covid-19 presented a major challenge for the delivery of documentation to the ASF in the times and formats requested, because the location of documents to integrate the folders required the mobility of personnel, even when the health traffic lights asked to be kept at home, which revealed the need to provide digital support to the documentation that, due to audits, is requested at the national level, for which digitized collection was largely limited by factors beyond the will of public servants to provide the information, “the document reads.

Among the irregularities detected by the ASF is that Culture paid 675 million 148 thousand pesos a 16 public and private legal entities for the provision of different services and the acquisition of goods (rental of cars, machinery and office equipment, cleaning, surveillance, gardening, personnel administration, air and ground ticketing, removals, organization, furniture and logistics for cultural events and evaluation of public servants); however, it did not present the supporting and proving documentation, proving the provision of said services, or the receipt of the corresponding goods.

In this regard, the agency indicated: “It will be promoted that the personnel who carry out tasks in the processes of contracting and execution of resources are trained in subjects such as COMPRANET and the Law of Acquisitions, Leases and Services of the Public Sector. In addition, the mechanisms of expenditure control; in coordination with the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit and the executors of the expenditure, priority will be given to the execution of federal resources on time, to comply with the commitments established during the current fiscal year and with the goals of the programs and actions of the different areas “.

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Regarding the contracted providers, he indicated that information was provided on both contracts with the Central Sector and with the Coordinated Sector, “for which differences in the amounts were detected, differences that were sustained and whose information was sent for consideration and clarification” .

Another of the irregularities noticed by the ASF is that the SC signed contracts jointly with Lore Soluciones Integrales Empresariales de Sinaloa, SA de CV, Visión y Estrategia de Negocios, SA de CV, Firmeza Jurídica, SC, and Gestión Empresarial, SA de CV, for personnel administration services. However, he did not accredit the services provided by those outsourcing companies, to whom he paid 190 million 219 thousand pesos, since he only presented 26 “activity reports”. In addition, only a payroll was credited for 117 million 960 thousand pesos, that is, the final destination of 72 million 529 pesos was not known.

Although the ASF does not specify that these contracts refer to Community Culture, THE UNIVERSAL documented in August 2019 that, with the start of this star program, the Ministry of Culture hired the outsourcing Lore Soluciones Integrales for 178 million.

In response, the agency indicated that for Community Culture it contracted suppliers. “Through Lore Soluciones Integrales Empresariales de Sinaloa, SA de CV, Visión y Estrategia de Negocios, SA de CV, Firmeza Jurídica, SC y Gestión Empresarial, SA de CV, the payroll management was carried out, allowing the operation of the program to national level during 2019, with the hiring of 1,100 people throughout the country. The cultural agents were hired in the very communities where they carried out the cultural activities of the program, “he said.

Regarding other irregularities such as the irregular payment of 727 million 867 thousand pesos in fiscal year 2018 without having authorization to do so; he paid 84 million for unauthorized places, or why for the National Reconstruction Program he did not deliver the resources to the beneficiary states on time, so that 194 million could not be exercised, the agency did not offer details.

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However, he indicated that “it works to strengthen and improve various internal control mechanisms, necessary in the areas responsible for processes related to spending management, contracting, tenders, among others.”

The SC pointed out that in the responsible areas “mechanisms related to the integration of procurement files will be strengthened” and that it envisions the “possibility of concentrating all the information in a digital electronic bank, which allows articulating the information of all the processes even in the remote work and thus speed up the search and delivery of data in the inspection acts “.

And he said that they are in the process of continuing to send additional information within 30 days once the results have been notified, in order to resolve the observations made.

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