Ministry of Health Speed ​​up vaccination for all elderly people – Samyan Mitrtown

Based on the death data from the COVID-19 virus as of Jan. 1 – Feb. 18, 2022, most of the deaths were people over 60 years of age, with approximately 666 cases, accounting for 82 percent of the total. all died in such numbers
No vaccination history, 387 people, or 58 percent.
Has a history of vaccination with 1 dose of 66 people, representing 10%.
Has a history of receiving 2 injections of 197 people, accounting for 30 percent.
Has a history of 3 or more vaccines, 16 people, representing 2%
In this regard, accelerating vaccination in the elderly who have not been vaccinated. and injecting 3,4 needles in those who have completed their time

Source: Ministry of Public Health

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