Ministry of Public Health accelerates the control of covids in 10 provinces. Watch List aims to reduce the number of infections not exceeding 5,000 per day.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health has created a watch list of 10 provinces with high levels of COVID-19 infections. Accelerate support for disease control Aims to reduce daily infections to no more than 5,000 cases and speed up vaccination in all provinces to 50 percent by the end of October.

Dr. Kiattipoom Wongrajit, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health Said after a teleconference with provincial public health doctors and hospital directors across the country. Regarding the management of the COVID-19 vaccine and the opening of the city, that the situation of COVID-19 in Thailand is stable. There are approximately 10,000 infections per day, nearly 100 deaths, so all provinces have been instructed to control the disease for not more than 5,000 infections and no more than 30 deaths, including maintaining a system of care for those infected. The infection continued at home and in the community. so that the hospital can adequately care for patients with symptoms As for the factors that caused the Covid-19 disease to stabilize due to the decrease in infection in some areas, such as the North, the Northeast, Bangkok and surrounding areas It is expected that next week the infection of Bangkok is likely to decrease from a thousand to a hundred.

Some areas with higher infections are the southern, central and eastern regions. proposed to the meeting CCC to set up The front office was to control the situation and expedite the vaccination to be more comprehensive. However, the infection rate was not higher in all provinces. Therefore, the province has been created “Watch List” or has to keep an eye on the number of outbreaks in the community. Must receive assistance and support in 10 provinces, namely Songkhla, Yala, Narathiwat, Pattani, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Tak, Ratchaburi, Rayong, Chanthaburi and Nakhon Ratchasima. by having to analyze the situation and prepare a disease control plan Accelerate screening with ATK, complete 2 injections of Group 608 vaccine as targeted Communicate maximum self-protection measures at all times. and organization measures for COVID Free Setting

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For the COVID-19 vaccination on October 14, 2021, 1,034,549 doses can be vaccinated, cumulatively 63,614,352 doses, and about 51% of the population has been injected with the first dose of the first dose of students aged 12-17 who have received 864,145 doses from the show. The purpose was 4.07 million people, representing 19.2%. At this time, no serious adverse reactions were reported. Among boys aged 12-16 who received only one injection before that, on October 20, 2021, it will be considered whether to inject the second dose or not.


Dr. Kiatpoom continued that by the end of this October The goal is that all provinces must be injected at 50 percent, with at least one area being COVID Free Area that can inject at least 70 percent, and group 608 can be injected at 80 percent. It is the first dose of 1.4 million doses and AstraZeneca is the second dose of 1.4 million doses. It is expected to be delivered to the area on October 19 and will gradually be delivered weekly to meet the target. In particular, 17 tourism pilot provinces to support the opening of the city on November 1, 2021 have allocated 699,908 doses of the Sinovac vaccine, which is sufficient to achieve the goal.


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