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Updated 11/22/2020 at 10:37 AM

Proud of his past and of contributing to the environment, this is how Christian Benites feels, who started in the world of recycling by walking the dangerous streets of “La Cachina” in La Victoria until he founded his own company ReciPack.

The Ministry of the Environment through the Minam TV program, released the story of Christian, a young man who before his 20 years became an assistant to a recycler, then became independent by buying a tricycle and achieved success after overcoming all adversities.

Christian Benites: the young man who started recycling in “La Cachina” until he founded his recycling company (Photo: Minam)


Christian said that his parents also recycled and it was they who taught him how the world of recycling moved in Lima. “I continued recycling with a group of friends, when I was still in school. We saw it as a game at first, we recycled from 7 to 11 at night and we went out to buy sweets, supplies and, sometimes, some clothes “, reported for Minam TV.

However, this entrepreneur said that he had a difficult time on the street, when his tricycle and merchandise were stolen, but he managed to get ahead with a lot of effort and noticed that recycling represented an opportunity to generate more income and even employment for other people.

“What I can advise you is to use protective equipment, to be formalized and trained and, above all, to be environmentally conscious. They have to keep fighting it, recycling is a prosperous activity for oneself and our families, for society and also for the environment “, said the businessman from the waste industry.


His company, ReciPack, is dedicated to the recycling and comprehensive management of industrial waste, including final disposal services for hazardous and non-hazardous waste; the commercialization of recyclable metallic and non-metallic waste, as well as electrical and electronic waste (WEEE) from various companies, shops, schools and construction companies.


Francisco Sagasti is recognized as the supreme commander of the Armed Forces. and the PNP


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