Ministry of Women, environment and exemptions: Kast rushes changes to government plan before prompt definitions of parties

“The government program of José Antonio Kast, and we must be honest, was built thinking that it was probably not going to go to the second round. It is a program that needs corrections, editions, it needs contributions ”.

“It depends on the breadth of its programmatic offer and on which the country can best develop (…). Faced with two such different projects, with the FA-PC, people will prefer more tranquility. The offer that he has to make in relation to a profound social change is going to have to be made ”.

In the last 48 hours, a series of voices like the previous ones –that of the UDI helmsman Javier Macaya, and that of the deputy Evópoli Francisco Undurraga, respectively-, they came out to propose and demand changes to the program of the letter of the Christian Social Front, Jose Antonio Kast, in the midst of the definitions that both Evópoli and RN will take today and tomorrow regarding their support for the second round of this December 19.

Although the UDI has already given its support to its former deputy, the directive requested that modifications be made to the program that Kast presented during the first round, which received wide criticism for his proposal to eliminate the Ministry of Women (which he later qualified by noting that would merge it) and to lower taxes, in addition to a lack of environmental proposals, among other things.

Along these lines, and in view of the rush to fasten support, this morning at the Kast command a minute circulated in which some “corrections” to the program were established, specifically on these points – which were also criticized by the official letter Sebastian Sichel-, with which, in practice, the candidate regresses with respect to what was raised there.

In 12 points, the document starts by insisting that a “government plan … that our programmatic team will develop in the coming weeks” will now be carried out, and specifies that “It is time to add the proposals and ideas of the other candidates and political sectors and, especially, of the social organizations.”

In a specific nod to the former Evópoli candidate Ignacio Briones, the minute states that the plan will include “not only the aspiration of a tax cut to reactivate growth, but also level the playing field in terms of benefits and tax exemptions that are not justified, in line with what was proposed by several candidates.” The latter was one of the main proposals of the former Minister of Finance, both while he was in that position and in his campaign program. In addition, and in line with the criticisms from various economists, it states that “we will use all possible tax and economic tools, but without ever sacrificing fiscal responsibility.”

Then, on the environmental issue, the document makes it clear that “Climate change is real and the scientific evidence that demonstrates the human impact on this emergency is undeniable”, changing the tone with respect to what is established in his program. In this, it was proposed that “measures to capture and sequester anthropogenic emissions or closure of the main thermal plants will be adopted, in the event that the dominant climate position is reliably validated, which until now is not appreciated, since it is based on simple recent correlations “

The minute adds that “growth is only possible if it is sustainable and sustainable, with full respect for our environment and the impact it has on our planet (…). Our commitment to the environment is total and our program is full of innovative proposals to care for and protect it ”. And it establishes that they will seek to take advantage of renewable energies, water resources, reduce pollution and mitigate environmental impacts.

Finally, the document also seeks to appease another flank, stating that “We will maintain the Ministry of Women and strengthen it, focusing the proposed modernization on the elimination of bureaucratic aspects and that the resources go directly to the recipients of the different programs ”.

The issue of this portfolio was raised above all by the UDI, whose militant Mónica Zalaquett – and before Isabel Plá – came out to criticize Kast’s initial proposal to eliminate it under the argument of the bureaucracy that it involved. In the campaign to the first round, the candidate said that he could be merged with other ministries.

“Women play a fundamental role and their postponement and invisibility must end. In our government this will be a priority ”, says the minute. “For this reason, our vocation to make an efficient State and eliminate bureaucracy and pitutocracy should never be understood as a space to set back the rights of women. Our commitment is clear: the role that the Ministry of Women has fulfilled has been irreplaceable, but more progress must be made ”.

Kast’s program manager, the lawyer Christian Valenzuela, is the one who is reorganizing and leading the conversations with the parties to refine a “government plan” for the second round.

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