Minneapolis: Journalist handcuffed by live police

UNITED STATES – Not sure this incident will enhance the image of the local police force. Friday, May 29, while reporting on the riots in the city of Minneapolis, in the United States, Omar Jimenez and his team were arrested live, as you can find out in the video at the head of this article.

After tense discussions with state police, who were about to carry out a tidy intervention on a street, the journalist, his cameraman and his producer were seen handcuffed while the camera was still on. Although they were released after a few hours, this episode sparked a media storm.

On the American news channel, and as many comments point out, we immediately wondered about the importance of the fact that Omar Jimenez was black in this arrest. In the midst of racial tensions following the death of George Floyd, an African-American asphyxiated by a white police officer, the initiative is particularly unfortunate.

So much so that the governor of Minnesota, head of the state police, was quick to react himself. “It is totally unacceptable,” he exclaimed, demanding the release of three men, who are still in custody. Omar Jimenez, who spoke after leaving the police station, made no apologies of any kind from the police, and said the presence of the camera had protected him.

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