Minnesota – Columbus Monument dismantled by protesters


Saint Paul (Reuters) – A group of demonstrators dismantled a statue of the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus during protests against racism and police violence in the US state of Minnesota.

The bronze figure, over three meters high, was knocked off its granite base by several dozen people in Saint Paul near Minneapolis. “It was the right thing and the time was right,” protester Mike Forcia told Reuters on Thursday.

After the violent death of the African American George Floyd by a white police officer, the discussion about racial inequality and police brutality has flared up again in the USA. The natives of North America reject the veneration of Columbus because his expedition to America made colonization and genocide possible in the first place. On Tuesday, a Columbus monument from 1927 in Richmond, Virginia, was devastated and thrown into a lake. The head of a statue of the discoverer was cut off and destroyed early Wednesday morning in Boston. In Washington, US House of Representatives spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi is calling for eleven monuments to be removed from the Capitol to honor Confederate political leaders and soldiers from the civil war.


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