Minnesota Timberwolves 2019-2020: Table race of the pass

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Arrives : Shabazz Napier et Treveon Graham (Brooklyn Nets), Jake Layman (Portland Trail Blazers), Noah Vonleh (New-York), Jordan Bell (Golden State Warriors), Tyrone Wallace (Los Angeles Clippers), Jarrett Culver et Jaylen Nowell (draft), Naz Reid (two-way contract)

Dparts : Dario Saric (Phoenix Suns), Jeryd Bayless (Chine), Anthony Tolliver (Portland Trail Blazers), Tyus Jones (Memphis Grizzlies)

Meneurs : Jeff Teague, Shabazz Napier, Tyronne Walace

Arrires : Jarrett Culver, Jaylen Nowell,

Ailiers : Andrew Wiggins, Josh Okogie, Jake Layman

Wingmen: Robert Covington, Jordan Bell, Noah Vonleh, Keita Bates-Diop

Pivots: Karl-Anthony Towns, Gorgui Dieng, Naz Reid

PG : Jeff Teague, SG : Jarrett Culver, SF : Andrew Wiggins, PF : Robert Convington, C : Karl-Anthony Towns

Leader: The question of the post of leader was for a moment on the table of the new General Manager, Gersson Roses. The name ofAngelo Russell was announced emphatically in Minnesota. Finally, it’s good Jeff Teague who will honor his last year of contract. Questioned many times for his questionable level of play and his lack of leadership, the Wolves hope that the former leader of the Hawks will have heart to achieve a last honorable year, in order to get a last contract, 31 years old.

Back: the back, instead the youth. The rookie Jarrett Culver is tipped for a place in the 5 major. Mount from the 11th to the 6th position of the 2019 draft to acquire the rights of the Texas Tech player, the Wolves place great ambitions in him. With Culver, the Wolves have to sort of recover some sort of Jimmy Butler bis. Jarrett Culver can impact his team on both sides of the court. Whether to bring his vision of play as play-maker secondary or to defend fiercely against the best opposing player.

Winger: It is certainly a decisive year for Andrew Wiggins. The number 1 of the 2014 draft was meant to become the lieutenant of Karl-Anthony Towns. Unfortunately, the pivot has never been able to count on the reinforcement of his winger with constancy. After a promising rookie year, Andrew Wiggins’ progress has barely taken off, worse it even seems to be on the decline. His shoot still lacking in consistency, his choices in attack are called into question and his energy in his own half clearly leaves something to be desired. Disturbed by the arrival of Jimmy Butler and his role within the team, Wiggins has no more excuses. His coach wants to put him in the best possible conditions and the management believes in him. According to several people close to the franchise, he has never been as involved as this t for his off-season job. Wolves are awaiting confirmation on the pitch.

Winger: Arrived during the season around the exchange of Jimmy Butler, Robert Covington has been able to bring the Wolves from his first minutes. Installed automatically in the five major, Roco is the perfect complement to Towns on the front-court. With his outside skill and ability to defend multiple positions, Covington brings a bond to this team. Only downside, his physical seeds repeated at the end of last season. If he manages to avoid injuries, Robert Covington will be one of the sure factors on which Ryan Saunders will be able to rely.

Pivot: Wolves pack leader since his arrival in the NBA, Karl-Anthony Towns should have full powers this season. Its use under Tom Thibodeau has been a recurring subject of controversy in recent years. If he is one of the very best players in his role, Karl-Anthony Towns has yet to take a final step to be, quoted in a discussion of MVP. a will first of all go through a better involvement in his half of the field. then, by taking greater responsibility to bring his team to the top. But with this young and fiery group, can KAT take on this leadership role?

A general idea was clearly established among the Wolves this summer: to recruit young people, if possible with potential and above all, roles-players homework. Behind Teague, we will find a combo-guard, in the person of Shabazz Napier. Often put in competition with leaders of high caliber, Shabazz Napier will have the minutes to express himself to the Wolves. The position of point guard should once again remain a deficiency in the game of Wolves this season.

To continue on the guards, it’s a bit of the unknown. Behind Culver, he’s another rookie, Jaylen Nowell as well as the young Tyronne Wallace, which will have to bring punch to their entries. In a different style since the rookie is presented as a shooter while Wallance will bring his length and his versatility in defense.

On the wings, a should climb to high altitude. Last year, the now sophomore Josh Okogie was one of the few satisfactions in Minnesota. Athletic, able to evolve in several positions and from an iron will, the Nigrian seduced the entire Wolves fan base. If this summer’s work pays off in order to improve his exterior shot, the boy could be a real threat. His comrade on the post, Jake Layman, will also accompany him in the air. Like Okogie, the former Portland player has an easy elevation and a real threat behind the 3pts line. The coaching staff Wolves wants to give him an important role in the rotation.

inside, we decided to trust new heads. Whether in small-ball configuration or not, Ryan Saunders will have the choice with Jordan Bell and Noah Vonleh |. The first will experience his second franchise career while the second has wandered in the NBA without ever finding his place. Even for the other positions, these two players will be complementary: Bell for his defensive activity and Vonleh for his offensive arsenal.

Ryan Saunders has multi-faceted players and will be able to adjust the opponent every night. An important deal in this NBA which requires teams and players to be more and more versatile.

– A troop of soldiers on the bench: The page Tom Thibodeau is definitely turned. With no less than 9 arrivals during the offseason, the Wolves have renewed their workforce, with a 360 degree face. Place youth, outdoor shooting and versatility. Ryan Saunders has in his possession, players with different profiles from each other and capable of playing in several positions. In this re of switch, Wolves could embroil more than one team in defense.

– A playing philosophy against the tide of Tom Thibodeau: During the off-season, the Wolves also did housekeeping behind the scenes. A front-office with a new chef at the helm, a coaching staff the alluring cast and a philosophy that will change from the former Bulls coach. The watchwords this season will be running and shooter. To walk the talk, Gersson Rosas has recruited in line with the wishes of his young head-coach. Fundamental in the success of a sports project.

– A lack of plays-makers : It’s been rhetoric for some time in Minnesota. Wolves lack an elite ball carrier capable of creating for others. Jeff Teague is just a shadow of the player he used to be Atlanta, Andrew Wiggins suffers from a glaring lack of vision while Towns can have that passing quality but is more omnipresent through scoring. In view of this configuration, the draft by Jarrett Culver may be seen as a way to overcome this lack of creation.

Does Ryan Saunders have the shoulders for the head coach costume? : Intronis following the eviction of Thibodeau, Ryan Saunders instigated a wind of fallow in the second half of last season. To manage his team, Saunders will not be lonely. Gersson Rosas has perhaps concocted the most qualitative coaching in all of the NBA. Assistant Portland for years, David Vanterpool was inherited from the place ofassociate head-coach when he was approached to take the reins of a team of the League. The rest of the staff are known for the development of young players. Ryan Saunders will have to show that he is able to instigate a real philosophy and manage a group.

The Wolves off-season is not flamboyant on paper. However, the squad is made up of a set of young players whose potential is real. Unlike in previous years, Wolves should be more fun to watch, between speed and away shoot. Unfortunately, the quality of play might have a hard time translating into the raw results.

Inside Basket’s writing sees Wolves around 11th place, with a record of around 33-35 wins.

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