Minsalud began socialization of the vaccination plan against covid-19

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The Ministry of Health and Social Protection socialized the National Vaccination Plan against covid-19 with governors, mayors, health secretaries, unions and other authorities.

The goal of the Ministry is that January is the month for the enlistment phase and in February the vaccination begins. “This includes the process, scheduling, logistics, application and administration of the vaccine,” said the Minister of Health and Social Protection.

To reach 34 million Colombians, which is the objective in a first phase, the minister said that 120,000 people need to be vaccinated daily at the highest point.

In the first meetings, of several that will be held to update the components of the plan, the minister assured that it will be a complex vaccination process, which has priorities, logistical challenges and must begin to identify the challenges facing the territories.


The objectives of the first phase of vaccination include reducing mortality from covi-19, reducing the incidence of severe cases, and protecting health workers. Phase 2 aims to reduce contagion. Evidence-based prioritization includes: age, comorbidities, and risk of infection.

Regarding the vaccination route, the head of the Health portfolio explained that it comprises a first step which is prioritization by Minsalud: “then the nominal bases of the prioritized population by groups and vaccination stages, identify in each territory IPS enabled with vaccination and emergency services that have the possibility of expanding the service for vaccination against covid-19, “he said.

The territorial entities and EAPB assign the authorized IPS and the population to be vaccinated in the municipality of residence close to the place of residence. “The IPS carries out the scheduling of the vaccination appointment and informs the EAPB, and the latter updates the nominal database of the population and uploads it to the Mi Vacuna platform. Finally, the user consults the individual information there,” he added.

All these processes must include an explanation of the vaccination procedure, the completion and signing of informed consent, registration, delivery of the card and observation in the IPS to have a safe vaccination strategy.

* With information from the Ministry of Health.


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