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minute by minute of his game for the League

There is no formaldehyde smell here. No sir! Dead? Nothing of that! The fight continues and a final is coming in Cali. Junior is alive, scoring and still dreaming of the tenth star.

The illusion has not been extinguished, the possibility has not disappeared. In a clear and forceful way, delighting the few fans that accompanied him at the Metropolitano stadium, the ‘Sharks’ devoured Deportivo Pereira from end to end and beat him 3-0, last night on the fourth day of the semi-final home runs of the League .

The rojiblancos remain second in the standings, but now with six points. Of course, they must beat Cali as a visitor on the next date.

Junior was lord and master of the first half. Dominoes in all aspects of play, in possession, physical display, in number of goal options, in clarity, in defense, in speed, in rebounds. He did not give Pereira a chance to shake himself and come out of submission.

The rojiblanca dictatorship was at the point of good football, dynamics, intensity, pressure and constant search for the rival goal.

Edwuin Cetré tore Sánchez to shreds on the right and Hinestroza feasted on the left with Gutiérrez, while in the center the two interiors, Didier Moreno and Fabián Sambueza, were shown and stepping on the area permanently. All of them had the determined support of the full-backs, although Piedrahita was more successful than Fuentes.

But Dany Rosero and Hómer Martínez also joined the mission of opening the scoreboard. And it was precisely the Valle del Cauca that made what was seen coming a reality.

In a corner kick generated by a Viera free kick that made Castillo shine, Rosero exploited his power in the air game, as he did in the game in Pereira, and scored the 1-0.

Junior did not back down, he did not conform or lower his guard and continued to command in each line and causing hesitation in the defensive zone of the ‘Matecañas’, who starred in several blunders.

In one of those visiting blinks, Didier Moreno enabled Carmelo and ‘Chipi Chipi’ Castillo, who was showing off with his saves, clearly committed the forward penalty. He executed Cetré and converted a deserved 2-0.

Those led by Alexis Márquez got it cheap. Junior had options to score the third and fourth, but failed in the definition. Perhaps the only thing reprehensible in that excellent initial stage.

In the second half, the host team continued to control the game, although they already visited the rival area less frequently. It was dosed a bit.

In any case, he did not allow the opponent to react and cut the difference.

Junior began to touch the ball trying to get the Pereira who remained in his trench despite the adverse marker. When he found spaces, several times with some opportune changes of front from Martínez, he attacked and tried to do damage. Thus came the third.

After Hómer’s launch, the unfortunate move by Carlos Ramírez arose, who tried to reject with such bad luck that the ball hit Cetré’s leg and bounced towards the net.

Fortune for Cetré and merit for fighting with all the ball.

It was the goal of tranquility, the one that lowered the curtain on the game. The thrust that rounded off a great soccer task that shows that Junior is alive, scoring and dreaming.

Minute by minute

3. Hinestroza receives from Viera, puts Carmelo’s chest pass and catches the ball again, dribbles, makes an eight and hits a pass ‘of death’ to Sambueza, who finishes off with his left foot, but the ball deflects into a defender when he was on his way to goal.

11. Quick start by Junior that ends with a cross shot from Didier Moreno. He left without good direction.

12. Rosero’s failed Chilean and Hómer Martínez’s half-round shot at the hands of Castillo.

15. Wilfrido De la Rosa sneaks in and takes a cross and flush shot that Viera contains for sure.

16. Shot by Michael Medina that hits the post.

22. Viera’s free kick that ‘Chip chipi’ Castillo sends to the corner.

23. Junior’s goal. Corner kick collection of Hinestroza and an accurate header from Rosero in the heart of the area.

27. Penalty awarded to Junior. Error in the departure of Pereira, the ball remains for Didier and he enables Carmelo, who is run over by goalkeeper Castillo.

28. Junior’s goal. Edwuin Cetré executes the penalty to the right hand of ‘Chipi chipi’, who throws himself to his left.

33. Castillo rejects a powerful shot from Hinestroza in a foray to the left.

37. Dangerous head of Rosero after corner.

39. Sambueza shot that makes the visiting goalkeeper fly.

42. Cetré player from the right, center, Didier’s header that hits Carmelo, striker shot, loose rebound. Yes, no. Everything in the small area. Incredible that the ball did not enter.

Second time

53. Carmelo receives a deep pass and finishes off. Castillo rejects.

65. Junior’s goal. Great change of front from Hómer, Cetré stops and tries to combine with Sambueza. The Argentine is cut off a small block and Pereira moves the ball back. Ramírez tries to clear, but Cetré, who never gave up the ball, got in the way and the ball bounced towards Castillo’s goal and bathed him.


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