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What happened to the hospital of ““? Originally titled “Mucize Doktor,” the Turkish soap opera has been one of the biggest television phenomena in recent years, both in Turkey and in many other countries around the world. From the story of Ali Vefa (Taner Ölmez) and Nazli (), the series rewarded its millions of followers with dozens of emotions and surprises, which made the Berhayat hospital, the main stage of fiction, part of their daily lives.

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The big building of 14 floors exists in reality. The hospital of the has the name of MedikalPark Hospital, on Istanbul. The filming of the story took place in conditioned spaces, on days when the influx of patients they were minimal, and with the other spaces running smoothly.

This, of course, gave a greater realism to television production and has remained in the memory of the followers of the turkish novel. In the 64 episodes of its original broadcast, said clinic became the place where But he would achieve his dreams.

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“In this way, it has become one of the most celebrated adaptations of”Good doctor“, The South Korean series that appeared in 2013, along with”The Good Doctor”, The American version that is still on the air through the signal of ABC. For this reason, many have wondered what happened to the hospital Berhayat after the end of the serie.

Ali and Nazli hand in hand. The couple will get married in the latest chapter of “Doctor Miracle” (Photo: MF Yapım)


The Berhayat Hospital of “Doctor Miracle” it’s actually called MedikalPark Hospital, continues to operate in the district of Pendik, on Istanbul, Turkey, and has become a tourist attraction for the world fame of the Turkish soap opera.

After the end of “Miracle Doctor”, The spaces where the novel was filmed once again fulfilled their original function of being medical offices, especially for the COVID-19 pandemic, which hit the health system hard worldwide.

However the clinic of 14 floors has maintained some characteristics that were seen in the history of Ali Vefa y Nazlilike the crystal chandelier pendant and the yellow armchairs. There are also the mirrored glass in which Ali was seen at the start and in the closing of “Doctor miracle”.


Doctor Miracle”Tells the story of Ali Vefa, a young man with autism spectrum disorder and Savant syndrome, who becomes a genius in pediatric surgery.

As a child, Ali was abandoned by his father who gave him up for adoption. He grew up deprived through various orphanages, but despite the difficulties he graduated from medical school with first place and got a job in the surgical unit at the Istanbul Berhayat Hospital.

The medical team will see their routine altered when the young man joins the team as a surgical assistant. Savant syndrome or sage syndrome is something that initially will make it difficult for Ali to communicate with his colleagues and patients. However, Ali will gradually earn the affection and respect of all.


As a result of the horde of questions issued by viewers, the program’s producer was forced to clarify doubts about the possible continuation of the story of Ali Vefa. It was through a post on the novel’s Instagram account that the following was reported:

“We have reached the end of our story where we say that people with autism have the right to live as long as all of us. Our Ali Vefa grew, developed, made his dreams come true. We laugh with him, we cry with him, we remember what it means to be human. It is time to say goodbye to him with all the miracles he has performed. Mucize Doktor will be with you for the last time with his episode 64 on Thursday, May 27. With gratitude, gratitude and affection to all our audience who opened our hearts … @ foxturkiye @mfyapimtv ”.

In this way, the team of “Doctor Miracle” has put an end to rumors of an upcoming installment.

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Taner Ölmez is a renowned Turkish singer and actor, who is at the peak of his fame thanks to “Doctor Miracle”. He was born on August 9, 1986, in Tunceli, the Kurdish part of Turkey. The 34-year-old actor began his acting career in 2009, when he was 23. He went through several productions, such as “Kayıp Şehir” (2012), where he played Sadık; and “Medcezir” (2013), which earned him fame in his country, where he played the role of Mert Asım Serez. In 2015 he played Sultan Osman II, in the series “The magnificent century: Kösem”.

He also appears in the third season of El Protector (2018), the first Turkish production for Netflix, and in 2020, he was a guest in the novel “Kadin, Force of Woman”. The Turkish actor also participated in several major advertising campaigns.

In theater, Taner received the Afife Jale Theater Award in 2014. On the big screen, he participated in the film “Müslüm”, which chronicles the life of the Turkish singer Müslüm Gürses. The film was released in 2018 and became the most watched in that country during that year. The actor has already reached two million followers on Instagram, where he shares the latest news about his career.


Yes the actor Taner Ölmez and his wife Ece Çesmioglu will become parents for the first time, according to information from the Turkish media. The rumors began with some photographs of the actress, where her pronounced belly would be seen.

The couple got married on June 28 in a private ceremony, with the closest friends and relatives of the future parents, and under the protocols of COVID-19, as seen in the snapshots disseminated on portals and social networks.

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The protagonist of the novel Doctor Milagro, Taner Ölmez, surprised his followers with his talent for music. The Turkish actor, leader of the band “Barabar”, has captivated thousands of people with traditional rhythms from his country. (Source: Latina TV)


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