Miraflores: Subject attacks telephone technician and generates outrage | SHOWS

ABUSIVE. Violence continues to increase. This time it is about a man who assaulted an electrical company worker. The recording went viral on social networks and they ask to identify him so that he receives a just sanction.

In the video it is observed that the man rebukes the worker. “Have I not paid? So go up my (…) Go up ”, the man continues to yell as the technician tries to get away for fear of being hit.

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Subject picks up a stone from the ground and hits the technician on his helmet. The aggressor’s neighbors ask him to calm down from their windows, however, the man continues to shout and insult. Finally, he leaves the place in his private car.

This is not the first time that these episodes of violence have occurred in Miraflores, where residents of this district behave in an arrogant way with workers. In November 2020, Guillermo Miranda North also starred in a very similar scene with a Raapi worker.


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