Miriam Yeung became the crown of netizens’ “Idol who regretted being obsessed with”

Miriam Yeung became the crown of netizens’ “Idol who regretted being obsessed with”

A few days ago, some netizens posted on the discussion forum with the topic “Have you ever liked a D (啲) star who has come back from home and regretted it?”. Many of them pointed to Miriam Yeung, but the results were unexpected. For example Many people think that Qu sings really well, but it’s just Lin Feng, who was delayed by the first prize of “Asia-Pacific Male Singer”, and one of the couples in the circle who frequently show affection. Together, they scare netizens who regret their idols. 10!

1. Miriam Yeung
A lot of netizens pointed out that they didn’t know what they liked Miriam Yang before: “A girl’s prayer, help Zuo Qu”, “Don’t talk about live, don’t talk about character, her songs are really right”, “There is no such thing as Mr. Xi. Miriam Yeung” and so on. Miriam Yeung entered the industry by participating in the rookie election and sang many catchy songs, such as “A Girl’s Prayer”, “Courage”, “Unfortunately I’m an Aquarius” and so on. In recent years, Miriam Yeung, who has mainly developed in the mainland, is a frequent visitor to variety shows, but her singing skills have been criticized as “walking replica CDs”; her earlier participation in “Sound Lives” once again caused a topic, and she suddenly joined Warner Records. It seems that she is going to return to Hong Kong The music scene.



2. Xiao Zhengnan
Xiao Zhengnan has been filming dramas and live broadcasts in the Mainland earlier, but it is estimated that he has a good voice. Xiao Zhengnan made his debut through a singing competition, and was accused of “replicating Ekin Cheng” when he first debuted. However, in the comments on the discussion forum posts, many people do not know that Xiao Zhengnan used to be a singer. Some netizens said that Xiao Zhengnan used to hear how good it was, but in the past few years, they have not been the same: “In recent years, when I listen to it again, I feel that it is difficult to sing. The d (啲) technique is as close as the breathing position.”, There are also netizens who think the previous songs are good.

Xiao ZhengnanXiao Zhengnan

Xiao Zhengnan

3. Huang Cuiru
Huang Cuiru was born in cable and has rich experience in hosting travel shows; since moving to TVB, she has filmed several series and became an actor. With Xiao Zhengnan’s high-profile love, Huang Cuiru’s transparent nose aroused suspicion of plastic surgery; netizens felt that Huang Cuiru was more outspoken in the past.

Huang CuiruHuang Cuiru

Huang Cuiru

4. Lam Fung
When Lin Feng debuted, he got the chance to play Qin Shihuang in “Looking for Qin” and won the government. It was also because of this role that he successfully attracted attention. After that, he played an important role in different dramas and became a first-line niche student; Lin Fengzhong has released singing works, including Oh Less episodes of songs, in 2016, Zhong Kai held 3 consecutive “Heart Attack” concerts in the Red Pavilion. However, some netizens said: “Lin Feng, who is over 40 years old, is old-fashioned and naughty”, “Since he married a mainland wife, he has taken root in the mainland, no intention”, “to be killed by TVB” and so on.

Lin FengLin Feng

Lin Feng

5. Fang Lishen
Fang Lishen once represented the Hong Kong swimming team in the Olympic Games before his debut. The “Hong Kong Flying Fish Prince” has a positive image, and the couple file with Stephy Tang is very popular. However, since the end of the 10-year love run with Stephy, his image has plummeted, and Fang Lishen has been more scandalous. Being accused of being the queen of the ditch, netizens left a message pointing out that Yijiajing loves Stephy.

Fang LishenFang Lishen

Fang Lishen

6. Wang Zulan
Wang Zulan’s image as a joker has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and he has a beautiful voice, and is deeply loved by netizens; however, since Wang Zulan shifted the focus of his career to the development of the mainland in recent years, he immediately fell in fans: “Everyone is dyed red, I regret that I liked Wang Zulan!”

Wong Cho-lamWong Cho-lam

Wong Cho-lam

7. Deng Jianhong
Netizen Zhong mentioned Deng Jianhong, saying that Deng Jianhong already liked Qu when he hosted “Lightning Fax Machine”; another netizen pointed out that he was very stylish and should be a ghost. After Deng Jianhong left TVB, it became a daily sale I feel miserable and tired. For example, when I was a guest performer on the ViuTV music show “Chill Club”, I laughed at myself for not winning many awards in the past.

Deng JianhongDeng Jianhong

Deng Jianhong

8. Chow Pak Ho
Some netizens used the word “shame of life” to describe their love for Zhou Baihao, saying that since Zhou Baihao accepted Chen Baixiang’s interview, he was completely heartbroken. Zhou Baihao once again stated on social media: “I am grateful for being a Chinese”, but not many fans are “patriotic” to him. “Singer” was disappointed with her identity, which triggered a wave of banquets.

Chow PakhaoChow Pakhao

Chow Pakhao

9. Supper Moment
Supper Moment “Endless”, “Song of Happiness”, “The Last Supper” and other songs are well known, and the band’s dream-seeking process is admirable. Supper Moment, who was supposed to be the idol of many young people, has been called a “rock traitor” by netizens since he sang a comeback song with Hu Feng in “Happy Variety Show” and pointed out that he would spend more time in the development of the Greater Bay Area in the future. When fans abandoned the tide, some netizen Zhong said that he went to Macau to watch the concert, but Del did not keep a single song.

Supper MomentSupper Moment

Supper Moment

10. Luo Zhixiang
Luo Zhixiang has a certain strength in singing and dancing skills, and his funny hosting style has won the hearts of the people; however, in 2020, he was exposed to multiplayer sports and had an improper relationship between men and women with his artist Kai Le, and his acting career was completely suspended. It has been silent for nearly two years .

Luo ZhixiangLuo Zhixiang

Luo Zhixiang

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