MIRROR concert | real-name system netizens recruit people with the same name and surname to enter the show

MIRRORThe concert will be held at the end of next month. Tickets for public sale will be sold in a real-name system. The conference has stated that they cannot change their names.7moon20day to day22Handle during the dayrefundProcedures (excluding any handling fees), at half the face valuerefundIn addition, some netizens mentioned in the discussion forum that because of the tense relationship, they accidentally entered a wrong English letter in the names of their colleagues, and they were greatly distressed.

Recently, some netizens started a group, expressing their hope to find mirror fans with the same name and surname, and stressed that they would resell their real-name tickets at the original price. There are many netizens who want to enter the show and join the group to try their luck. At present, more than 2,000 people have joined the group, but there are not many tickets available for the same name and surname in the group.

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