Mirtha Vásquez on the discovery of US $ 20 thousand by Bruno Pacheco: “We are the first interested in making these investigations advance” Pedro Castillo nndc | POLITICS

The president of the Council of Ministers, , assured that the discovery of 20 thousand dollars in the office of , former secretary general of the president, in the Government Palace is a “delicate” situation and he affirmed that the Executive is the “first interested” in that the investigations advance.

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Speaking to TV Peru, he asserted that this fact “Puts the government in a very complex situation” and considered “important” that this case can be solved in the “Hottest possible time”.

“We are aware that it is a very delicate situation and we are the first interested in that these investigations advance and that it can be clarified as soon as possible because it puts the Government in a very complex situation and I believe that it is important that this can be resolved in time more celere possible “, he expressed.

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Vásquez Chuquilín also indicated that he will personally follow the investigations of the case closely, so that they move forward and the corresponding responsibilities can be determined.

“I particularly believe that I will be following closely how these investigations are developed and surely that we will be attentive to hopefully progress with them and of course demand that within the framework of what is being established, the corresponding responsibilities are surely identified”, he sentenced.

As it is recalled, the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office found the sum of $ 20,000 in cash during the diligence carried out last Friday the 19th in the office of Bruno Pacheco, who resigned from the General Secretariat of the Government Palace.

According to him “Act of Exhibition of Non-Private Documents in the General Secretariat of the Government Palace”, The finding occurred in a room of the office of the general secretary that corresponds to a bathroom and dressing room.

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Given this, Bruno Pacheco He argued that this money is the product of his savings and the salary he receives as an official in the Government Palace, which amounts to S / 25,000. It even allowed “voluntarily” that the banknotes be photocopied for law investigations.

It should be noted that the diligence was carried out within the framework of the preliminary investigations due to the alleged pressure on the head of Sunat, Luis Enrique Vera Castillo, to benefit a company.

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