Miscellaneous – Justice | Crazy chase with a Jaguar at 150 km / h between Marseille and Marignane: 6 years in prison for the driver

He thought it would be champagne! Champagne like his very recent jewel, a so-called “champagne” color Jaguar, XJ model for lovers of fine mechanics. He will also say later that he bought it for €7,000 from a friend, aspired to sell it for almost double, and then, wreckage, at the exit of the La Paternelle housing estate (14th), Nicolas Nijak, a 37-year-old autoentrepreneur years, fell on a bone, the police. On parole, on hash and on cocaine, he immediately thought of the “painful”, convinced that he would definitely have to go back to prison in the Monopoly of his already very chaotic life. Suddenly, instead of complying, he accelerated, took the direction of the A55. It was April 14th. Very quickly,

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